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Romaco visits Truking


The successful takeover of the Romaco Group was recently celebrated by Truking in Changsha, China together with the Romaco management. Romaco took the opportunity to undertake a two-week delegation trip to China.

To mark the successful takeover of the Romaco Group, Truking invited a delegation from its European subsidiary on a two-week trip to China. The Romaco Group management, the managing directors of the various facilities and the heads of the international sales and service centres were joined on the trip by several employee representatives. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), the seller which still holds 24.9 percent of all Romaco shares, was also part of the delegation.

“It fills me with great pride to celebrate Romaco’s incorporation into the Truking Group together with all the parties involved here in Changsha,” affirmed Yue Tang, Truking Group Chairman and founder. “Truking and Romaco will grow in concert with one another and our customers around the globe will profit from the synergetic effects of our technologies.”

High attendance at customer event

A customer seminar organised by Truking for more than 300 guests in July 2017 was the highlight of the recent delegation trip. Romaco presented its technologies for manufacturing, processing and packing pharmaceutical solids to an audience of Chinese industry professionals in a most appropriate setting.

“The reactions were altogether positive and interest among customers was enormous. It was an ideal platform for Romaco to position itself successfully in the Chinese market”, emphasised Paulo Alexandre, CEO Romaco Group. “We created numerous new contacts and strengthened existing links under Truking’s guidance.”

Roadshow around China

In order to stimulate even more interest in Romaco technologies, Truking arranged a six-day roadshow to selected Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Romaco Sales Management paid a visit to a number of leading producers in different provinces. In addition to touring the plants, the Romaco delegation also conducted preliminary talks and explored opportunities for future projects. The trip to China simultaneously helped Truking and Romaco get to know each other better and paved the way for a successful joint future, the company said.