September 24, 2021

66% in 2020 spent more on F&B

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According to a survey conducted recently among Italians about the main changes in their perception in 2020 compared to past years, 66% of respondents declared that they have been spending more on food & beverage this year than in previous years.

The Consumption Observatory of ShopFully, an Italian tech company working in Drive-to-Store, asked Italians the main changes in their perception in 2020 compared to past years. From the research conducted 66% of respondents declared that they have been spending more on food & beverage this year than in previous years, 23% having increased spending on furniture and home care, and 18% on personal care. Expenditure on activities outside the home, such as travel, in 51% of cases, and clothing, for 43% of survey respondents, fell the most.

The room in the house in which Italians declare that they have invested the most resources is the kitchen for 45% of respondents, followed at a certain distance by the living room / study area in 18% of cases. This trend is also confirmed by the search for promotions that people have carried out on the ShopFully marketplaces (DoveConveni, PromoQui and Volantino Facile): compared to 2019, among the objects with the greatest increase there are fryers with + 154%, freezers + 96%, dishwashers + 24%, refrigerators + 21% and electric brooms and vacuum cleaners + 21%.

73% of the respondents to the observatory survey, said they paid more attention to spending than in previous years, giving greater importance to ongoing promotions. “In 2020, Italians have seen their living spaces transform and with them consumption has changed accordingly. It is not surprising that in Italy food & beverage is the place where this is transformed par excellence, the kitchen, has played such a central role. Despite the changes recorded, during the year promotions have maintained a central role in influencing consumer decisions, further consolidating as one of the main levers for purchases. Precisely for this reason and in consideration of the fact that during 2020 digital has established itself as the preferred tool by Italians to inform themselves and plan shopping, we can say that the smartphone is today the starting point of the purchasing process, around which the retailers must shape their omnichannel strategy.”, said Marco Durante, Vp Sales & Marketing Italy at ShopFully.

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