September 24, 2023

Agrarfrost announces money-back campaign till May 2022

Inflation has arrived in the daily lives of Germans: 61% of consumers are now clearly aware of the price increases for food and even 80% for petrol, heating costs or electricity [1] . As a result, one of the new consumption strategies is greater price sensitivity on the part of customers. This is where Agrarfrost comes in and offers consumers an attractive incentive to buy with a large money-back campaign. From March 1st to May 31st, 2022, the frozen potato specialist will ensure increased frequency of use of the freezer because customers who buy Agrarfrost products worth at least five euros will receive five euros back. Whether popular Agrarfrost bestsellers such as potato pancakes, crispy fries, griddies and minions or the LoveGreenys stews that were successfully introduced at the beginning of the year: With the money-back campaign for Agrarfrost frozen specialties, consumers can combine the Agrarfrost products of their choice as they wish – and at the same time save heavily. For retailers, this means: They can increase their sales with the best arguments without additional effort and offer their customers real added value. The campaign is accompanied by numerous marketing activities from digital advertising measures to POS materials.

“Whether to generate new customers, to activate customers or through increased resale frequency: Our attention-grabbing campaign at the point of sale gives customers the final impulse to buy our popular Agrarfrost products at attractive conditions and enables food retailers to increase sales through sales . In addition, this campaign offers retailers another important advantage: This campaign in particular encourages multiple purchases,” says Manfred Wulf, Managing Director of Agrarfrost.

How it works

During the entire campaign period, consumers have the option of uploading their receipts to the campaign website after purchasing Agrarfrost products worth five euros. Multiple participations are possible without limitation, provided that the purchase of Agrarfrost products is worth five euros each. The offer also applies to special and promotional prices. In addition, retailers can now implement secondary placements from Agrarfrost and benefit from even more sales.

[1] Norstat market research institute, representative survey, 1,000 German citizens, Jan. 2022

To Agrarfrost:

With 800 employees at the two production sites in Aldrup near Bremen and Oschersleben near Magdeburg, the family business Agrarfrost sustainably processes around 600,000 tons of potatoes into finished potato products every year. Around 200 contract farmers ensure the best product quality on 8,000 hectares of their own cultivation areas. At Agrarfrost, everything comes from a single source, from growing the seed potatoes to rearing and manufacturing the products. This ensures consistently high product quality and safety as well as an excellent taste of the potato products. The majority of the products manufactured are frozen potato products, followed by potato snacks (chips, sticks) and potato flakes.

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