March 24, 2023

AIMPLAS Biopolymer Seminar to showcase innovations in the packaging sector

On 1-2 March, Valencia will be the international meeting point for the
bioplastics industry thanks to the 8 th edition of the Seminar on International
Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites organized by AIMPLAS.
More than 20 speakers will discuss the market launch of these materials, their
contribution to the circular economy and EU climate targets, their
environmental impact and applicable legislation.
A dozen companies will present their innovations in materials and products,
including completely recyclable biobased bottles, compostable packaging
with the same properties as conventional packaging and even pyrotechnic
material manufactured with bioplastics.

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is adding the finishing touches to the upcoming edition of its International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites, which will be held in Valencia on 1-2 March. More than 20 speakers will discuss the market of biopolymers, their contribution to the circular economy and European Union climate targets, their environmental impact and applicable legislation. Furthermore, a dozen companies, including sponsors Waker, IMCD, Kompuestos, Novamont, Primebiopolymers, Clariant, Asobiocom, Total Corbion, Echo Instruments and Enco, will present their innovations and success stories.

The presentations of more than 20 biopolymer specialists will open up the debate on challenges and opportunities for sustainable bioplastics and biocomposites. Elena Domínguez, from AIMPLAS, will present a study on the evaluation of criteria for biodegradability that the technology centre is carrying out for the European Union on polymers in fertilizers and mulch films. Constance Ißbrücker, from European Bioplastics, will discuss the latest data on the market and EU policy. Theodora Nikolakopoulou, from
the European Commission, will address the legislative perspectives of biodegradable bioplastics in open environments and the new European bioplastics legislative framework, whereas Jordi Simón, from Asobiocom, will discuss Spanish legislation. The section on standardization and certification will be led by representatives of organizations such as TÜV Austria, DIN-CERTCO and the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

Innovations and Success Stories
At the seminar, companies all along the value chain will demonstrate their innovations in materials and products, including additives that improve biopolymer processability and compatibility, water bottles made of recycled PLA with the same properties and quality as virgin material, pyrotechnic devices for air shows with bioplastic made using blown-film extrusion and, of course, a whole range of packaging, closures and compostable bottles that can be processed using conventional machinery and have the same properties as traditional plastics.

AIMPLAS will also present the results of some of its packaging industry projects, such as biodegradable barrier packaging made from food waste, plastic film obtained from coffee waste, active packaging to extend the shelf life of cheese made from cheese industry waste, and cartridges for 3D food printing. For the agricultural sector, AIMPLAS will present natural paints for the control of mealybug infestations in the field, foams made from poultry industry feather waste for hydroponic crops and a compostable cardboard-like product from the waste from pruning and pressing the vine crop. Besides success stories and the opportunity to attend workshops on two projects coordinated by AIMPLAS (ELIOT and BIONTOP), the second day will feature a round-table discussion on the environmental impact of bioplastics in open environments.

Organizations such as APE, ERCROS, the Universidade de Vigo and Cajamar will address the topic from the perspective of farmland and the marine environment.

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