June 2, 2023

Alpenhain launches Baked Hirtenkäse as a summer edition

The Alpenhain classic Baked Camembert is now available as a Mediterranean variant over the summer in selected food retailers

For the upcoming warmer months of the year, Alpenhain presents a new creation of the baked cheese classic: the baked shepherd’s cheese . The summer edition is available now and only for a short time in selected food retailers. The traditional cheese dairy is thus temporarily expanding its range with a variation of the classic, baked Camembert. This has been produced by the Upper Bavarian family company since 1980 and has been continuously developed since then. Years of experience, intensive development work and new creations such as the Baked Camembert Minis have contributed to Alpenhain’s success as the market leader for Baked Camembert.

In October, the Baked Hirtenkäse will be replaced by the Baked Camembert Spicy. The spicy, creamy version of the popular Baked Camembert is available in stores with a fruity fig dip and is ideal for the cold season.

The Greek-style baked herder’s cheese brings Mediterranean flair to the plate as a main course or side dish, as an uncomplicated snack, in a burger or in a burrito. For the summer edition, aromatic shepherd’s cheese made from fresh alpine milk is wrapped in a crispy potato breadcrumb coating, making it a quickly prepared dish that awakens holiday feelings. The tomato and olive dip rounds off the Mediterranean taste experience. Alpenhain Baked Hirtenkäse is easy to prepare in the oven, in the pan or in the fryer.

Like all Alpenhain branded products without exception, the Baked Hirtenkäse is vegetarian and made without the addition of flavor enhancers, preservatives or colorings. It is also VLOG (Association of Food without Genetic Engineering)-certified and therefore without genetic engineering, like the Baked Camembert and other Alpenhain products.

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