June 29, 2022

Berry’s Solution Helps Shape Success for Kata Foods

A different packaging shape and fabulous artwork decoration, using the square SuperCube® pail from Berry Superfos, have led to optimised logistics and excellent shelf standout for a range of products from Italian food company Kata Food.

Kata Food is a family-owned business based on the island of Sicily, from where olives, preserves in oil and pickles, are shipped to a number of European markets. Previously a round pail was used for these products but the company then decided to take a fresh look at the packaging, as Fabrizio Salemi, Kata Food’s Area Sales Manager (South East Asia and Middle East), explains:

“We wanted to change the shape of our pack to something more attractive and practical. We are very pleased with the square shape and the convenient handles. The SuperCube® bucket proved to be an excellent choice. It looks outstanding on shelf.

As well as the enhanced shelf presence, the square shape of the container provides important space efficiency benefits. The design means space is maximised on each pallet, which is an advantage during transportation and storage. Distributors and retailers also benefit from the fact that the square containers are easy to stock. As a consequence, superstores and hypermarkets are ordering larger quantities, which also cuts fuel consumption for transportation.

The container’s decoration features a meticulously reproduced drawing of an adorned lady’s head with eye-catching colours, where even the most subtle shades are brilliantly reproduced thanks to Berry Superfos’s advanced In-Mould Labelling technique.

Kata Food uses the SuperCube® packaging solution in two sizes: 2.2 litres and 5.2 litres. A large see-through area on the upper third, which makes it easy for the consumer to take a look at the product while shopping, is another important part of the overall pack solution.

“Being able to see the contents is very important to our customers,” says Fabrizio Salemi. “We know this from experience. It conveys trustworthiness and whets the appetite. It is a plus that the colours used for the drawing perfectly match the content. Today, our packaging is clearly different from that of our competitors, which is very important in a competitive market like ours.

“We are happy with our collaboration with Berry Superfos,” he continues. “The team is always willing to help and always available. We look forward to continuing the journey – actually, Asian markets are next on our ‘bucket list’.”

“Our SuperCube® solution helps to deliver effective brand differentiation, and at the same time its square shape provides important logistics benefits,” comments Laurent Morel, Sales Director Italy of Berry Superfos. “Reducing the impact of transportation can make a vital contribution to helping companies meet their sustainability objectives.”

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