April 22, 2024

Brazil: Mococa expands partnership with
SIG with adoption of PAC.TRUST digital

Mococa Produtos Alimentícios, a well-known company for dairy products in Brazil, has
chosen to leverage the technological capabilities of SIG’s PAC.TRUST solution to sustain
growth and prepare for future expansion. Already an important partner of SIG, the
company relies on SIG’s solutions and technologies for the aseptic filling of its products.

Through SIG’s PAC.TRUST digital solution, Mococa will have complete visibility of its
production process, from the arrival of raw materials in the production plant to confirmation
of delivery of finished products at the point of sale. This ensures real-time monitoring and
control, full traceability in minutes, resulting in increased factory efficiency.
Operational digitization involves control of inputs and materials, laboratory and shop floor
analyses, production management, and the entire logistics chain, making it possible to
even identify at which point of sale the product is located.
For Mococa’s Information Technology Manager Marcos Godinho SIG’s
technology now makes the company’s internal processes even more agile:
“With PAC.TRUST, it will be possible to reduce manual operations, give
even more reliability to the processes, and provide our management team
with information in real time. The team has information in the palm of their
hands, making our decision-making process even more accurate, reinforcing
Mococa’s commitment to deliver accessible and high-quality products to its
The partnership between Mococa and SIG began in 2021 with filling machines from SIG
for filling dairy blends. Today Mococa fills cream, culinary cream and dairy blends into
aseptic carton packs from SIG.
With quality products and industrial excellence, Mococa has become one of the main dairy
brands in Brazil and has shown significant growth in the last two years, requiring the
company to continue seeking new ways to optimize its operation. As a way of sustaining
this growth and preparing for future expansions, Mococa sought the SIG’s PAC.TRUST
solution, to bring even more technology to its industrial and logistics plant in the city of
For SIG’s Digital Solution Expert Lucas Silva PAC.TRUST will offer Mococa the
tools to reach levels of industrial and logistical efficiency, which will be a
benchmark for the dairy industry: “With our PAC.TRUST digital solution, Mococa
will have visibility of its entire supply chain operation, using systemic alerts,
reports and automated dashboards, to continue implementing actions that will
result in greater efficiency and mitigate unnecessary costs. This will save
supplies, materials and time, mitigate deviations, and make the company as a
whole more sustainable.”

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