April 22, 2024

CIBUS International Food Exhibition from 31st Aug to 3rd Sept

500 new products to discover at the exhibition, the collateral event “Cibus Off”, which will host meetings and events from 29th August to 5th September, meetings and initiatives at the exhibition dedicated to Large-Scale Retail and Out of Home professionals.

Food companies will present a great number of innovative products, as well as reinterpretations of staple products, at the Cibus show that is taking place from 31st August to 3rd September: some of them are brand new ones, launched in
2021, while others were put on the market in 2020 but missed the opportunity to be presented at the exhibition, because of the pandemic that forced in-person events to be postponed by a year. In addition to the wide range of PDO and PGI products, new products seem to follow three trends: the focus on health, with organic, vegetarian and
vegan products; the historical tradition of Italian production and gastronomy; the flexitarian approach, which is sensitive to healthy eating concerns but still includes meat, fish, cheese and so on.

Here are some examples of the new products, whose complete list will be available on the Cibus website and app from August 26.

In the meat sector: duck burger (Lodi Export) and an Italian ham similar to the Iberico dry cured ham from Spain (Dok Dall’Ava). On display, there will also be the vegetable protein burgers made by Rolli, CGM and others. In the cheese sector: zero fat, lactose-free cheese, rich in fiber and protein, with reduced calorie content (Antiaging Italian Food); Blue
Cheese aged in premium Roby Marton Gin decorated with white chocolate nuggets (Carpenedo); spreadable cheese with 15% Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmareggio); oat milk yoghurt (Valsoia).

In the sauces sector: pepper pesto with ricotta and Pecorino Siciliano PDO cheese (Campo d’Oro); vegan pesto that uses a vegan cheese made from rice sprouts (Costa Ligure). Condiments include black rice vinegar (Varvello) and vinegar made from premium craft beer (Terra del Tuono).

In the sweets sector: A vegan, plant-based protein dessert (White Seeds); Chupa Chups, a lollipop-flavoured drink for children (Candy Mania); a kit with everything you need to make Tiramisu (Biscottificio Verona). Among the baked goods: sugar-free, long-life bread for children (Arte Bianca) and frollini biscuits made with legume flour (Barilla).
Ready meals include fruit and vegetables cooked at a low temperature (Cappellini) and nettles tortelli (Buona Compagnia Gourmet). Among the frozen foods: vegan cauliflower pizza base (Galati) and tuna and red onion pizza (ItalPizza). In the snacks sector: truffle corn kernels (Tartuflanghe); corn flour rings (Amica Chips).

Also: the edible drinking straw made with gluten-free pasta (Rustichella d’Abruzzo); sweet and sour pumpkin cream (Barbuscia); raspberry and elderberry flavoured ice (Ice cube); Sicilian anchovies (Delicius Rizzoli); prickly pear juice (La Deliziosa); compostable coffee pods with new recyclable paper wrapping (Caffè Borbone); superfood spaghetti in matcha and ginseng, spirulina extract, dragon fruit, vegetable charcoal, turmeric and ginger flavours (Rustichella d’Abruzzo); single-portion pasta for filling (La fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano); L’Oliva, olives from a selection of the Sant’Agostino, Peranzana, and Bella di Cerignola Italian cultivars (Monini).

Meetings, events and tastings to discover the products of the local supply chains will also feature in the collateral show “Cibus Off” (www.cibus.it/cibus-off), which will take place in the centre of Parma from 29 August to 5 September, as part of the city’s Gastronomic September.

Here is the updated programme: In addition, the Cibus project aimed at integrating digital and physical tools with the creation of an official WeChat account continues, in order to promote Cibus as the most important matchmaking platform in the sector for Chinese professional stakeholders. As part of the Ice Agenzia Smart 365 project, and thanks to the experience gained through My Business Cibus, the innovative platform that brings together international top buyers with Made in Italy agri-food companies, Cibus has developed the project by adapting the format, design and technology for Asian users.

“Cibus Lab” webinars in collaboration with Gdonews and IRI will again be a feature of the exhibition. Andrea Meneghini, editorial director of Gdonews, will interview retail professionals attending Cibus. The interviews will be broadcast live on the social media of the event.

This year sees the first media partnership with Rai: the public service broadcaster will be at Cibus with a dedicated space within the exhibition, where Radio and TV programmes will present reports and interviews.
In particular, Radio Rai will be live with Rai Radio 1 in-depth reports – through on-site features in Onda su Onda and Radio1 programmes, in addition to Radio News reports – and Rai Radio 2 programmes – including Soggetti Smarriti, Non è un Paese per Giovani, Tutti Nudi, and Caterpillar Estate.

The Italian agri-food sector will also feature on TV in Unomattina, Uno Weekend and Linea Verde, on Rai1.

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