December 1, 2023

Consumers Set To Spread Holiday Cheer By Gifting Chocolate and Candy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for the confectionery industry: the winter holidays. Chocolate and candy can play a role in year-round celebrations, but the $4.9 billion dollar winter holidays season is where these treats shine, with more than half of Americans saying they plan to celebrate the season by gifting confectionery products.

“A meaningful part of the excitement of the holiday season is upholding traditions – or starting new ones,” John Downs, NCA President and CEO, said. “Gifting chocolate and candy can help connect people across time and generations and invoke a sense of nostalgia or bring a modern twist to celebrations of the winter holidays. Whether family and friends are together or separate this year, these treats can play a key role in spreading joy throughout the season.”

During the holiday season and throughout the year, the confectionery industry is helping consumers manage their sugar intake by providing more transparency, choice and portion guidance options as they enjoy chocolate and candy – which is great news for the 93% of Americans that say chocolate and candy make the winter holidays sweeter.

To help navigate this season’s celebrations, NCA is offering a robust set of resources at, where consumers can find seasonal inspiration, as well as holiday fun facts, tips on ways to enjoy treats as part of a balanced lifestyle and even the right way to eat a candy cane.

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