April 22, 2024

FachPack 2022: Coveris’ ‘no waste’ line-up

Coveris continues its mission of No Waste with innovative highlights in plastic and paper-based packaging at FachPack2022

Coveris Group will be introducing a new range of sustainable innovations supporting its industry-leading No Waste vision at FachPack 2022. Targeting shelf-life extension and packaging waste reduction, Coveris will showcase a comprehensive range of both plastic and paper-based solutions that meet these criteria. 

“From Coveris’ perspective, it’s not about choosing between paper or plastic packaging, it’s about finding the best, most eco-efficient and best-performing packaging for the respective product – without any limitations in material”, explained Jakob A. Mosser, CEO of Coveris Group. “We are proud to again display an industry-leading range of sustainably designed films, laminates and premade packaging innovations at this year’s FachPack”.

Innovating for the future

To close the loop, Coveris’ innovation power focuses on the development of advanced, high-performance packaging designs with recycled content and easy recyclability. One of the key innovations at FachPack will be the extended CPP Cleancast Films product range for duplex and triplex laminate alternatives on a polypropylene base. The key benefit behind the excellent performance of these cast unoriented polypropylene films is the ability to withstand re-shrinking at high temperatures (0% at 150°C) which makes them an alternative packaging for a wide range of food, pet food and non-food products. Additionally, they support the circular economy through better recyclability.

Increasing recycling and recovery in a circular economy, Coveris will be presenting two new solutions. New wash-off labels, now available with DPG approved security inks[1], are designed for use with PET and rPET bottles and containers. Compatible with deposit return schemes (DRS), wash-off labels enable maximum clean PET recovery for use in rPET and together with DPG inks where required, support a fully traceable, circular process. The second solution are fully recyclable transportation films with 30% recycled content. Stretch films, including tubes, are made using recycled plastic and energy from renewable sources, offering an efficient and sustainable solution to stabilise up to 900 kg of freight using just 800 grams of film.

Coveris’ extended range of recyclable PE and PP MonoFlex films and laminates, including grated cheese packaging, is available in various formats and sizes up to 12 kg and will also be on display. Providing a direct replacement for non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle plastics, MonoFlex packaging has been developed to maintain product shelf-life, performance, functionality and packaging efficiency.

Visitors at FachPack 2022 can also experience first-hand Coveris’ focus on paper-based solutions. Since its introduction in 2021, the PaperBarrier Seal barrier properties have been further developed and extended, offering functionality and product safety while minimizing both packaging and product waste. Applicable for a wide range of dry foods and snacks, this development stands out by its special paper coating which enables sealability while remaining fully recyclable in existing paper streams.

Full product range under one roof

Brands looking for attractive dairy and fresh produce recyclable packaging alternatives will also find exciting opportunities enhancing shelf-appeal, product freshness and sustainability. Among the wide range of industry-awarded lidding films, films and laminates, every product combines the best features of standard Coveris products, including enhanced convenience for opening and reclosing, material weight reduction with an attractive, premium look at point-of-sale.

A good example for the booming on-the-go market is Coveris’ RecyclaPEel MAP sandwich skillet developed for longer shelf-life demands, excellent product visibility and on-shelf appeal. Featuring a sustainably sourced carton board and a peelable polyethylene (PE) film liner, the components are separable and fully recyclable.

“We thoroughly believe in our No Waste vision, reducing packaging waste, product waste and operational waste. We are continuously launching truly sustainable innovations that avoid waste in all its forms with no compromise in quality and safety”, summarised Jakob A. Mosser.

Coveris booth number 232 in hall 7 at FachPack trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from 27th to 29th September 2022.

[1] https://dpg-pfandsystem.de/index.php/en/

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