April 1, 2023

First exhibition space entirely dedicated to wine tourism

According to the latest Report on Italian Food and Wine Tourism, the number of respondents who choose this form of experience has grown from 21% in 2016 to 55% in 2021. There is also greater awareness in the choice of places to visit, based more and more on natural beauties and on the pleasures of the table and less and less on “fun” and services. In this restart phase, the desire to live in the open air pushes tourists to search for accommodation such as farmhouses (86% intend to stay there) and country relais (59%), with a search for innovative solutions, including which include food-wine themed hotels (56%), glamping (29%) and tree houses (32%).

Food and wine is the most authentic way to visit countries such as Italy, and beyond, and discover so varied and particular local history and traditions even a few kilometers away. The choice of a destination therefore also becomes a recognition of the areas and farms and wineries that develop an innovative offer, declining the concept of hospitality at 360 degrees and offering accommodation immersed in splendid vineyards.

Wine + Escape + Landscape =

In this scenario that sees wine increasingly strategic for economic growth, Hospitality further expands the beverage area with 500 square meters dedicated to wine tourism.

The new area – Winescape – will debut at the next edition of Hospitality, scheduled from 31 January to 3 February 2022 to offer business matching opportunities between the wine world, entrepreneurs, and hospitality and catering professionals.

The invitation to participate is addressed, in particular, to wineries that offer services related to tourism, enhancing and protecting the cultural, landscape, and economic heritage of a territory.

A holistic and innovative vision is necessary to diversify the offer, broaden the target, and network between producers and the realities of the surrounding economy.

Winescape is not only an exhibition space but also an opportunity for free tastings, tastings led by professional sommeliers, events, debates, training, and presentations to a community of journalists and influencers from the wine and Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Identikit of the wine tourist 

  • He wants to live the gastronomic experience as a protagonist and not as a spectator: to traditional visits to the cellar, he prefers activities to be experienced in an immersive way, personally involved in agricultural life and in harmony with nature (such as, for example, active harvesting) .
  • He is sensitive to environmental issues and the ethical-sustainable development of the territory and companies.
  • He is attentive to the issues of psychophysical well-being, in choosing a food destination, he takes into account offers such as yoga courses or forest bathing.
  • It relies on the digital world for the choice of the food and wine experience, therefore companies must implement winelover profiling systems based on preferences, characteristics and needs to customize the experiential offer.

At the fair, space for wine tourism

First exhibition space entirely dedicated to wine tourism to offer business matching opportunities between the wine world and hospitality and catering entrepreneurs and professionals. Winescape is spread over 500 square meters entirely dedicated to wine producers, in particular to wineries that offer services related to tourism, enhancing and protecting the cultural, landscape and economic heritage of a territory .

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