February 7, 2023

Food Waste Fighters: Packaging for the climate change age

A webinar on “Food Waste Fighters: Packaging for the climate change age” will be hosted on 14 December 2022 at 16.00 CET / 10.00 ET. The climate crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, and political upheavals have elevated food waste concerns, spotlighting the importance of shelf life-extending packaging for preserving perishable foods across complex, international supply chains.

This being the last webinar of the 2022 series, the following areas will be discussed:
>> Consumers’ preferences for food packaging.
>> How the packaging industry can protect human and environmental health through shelf life-extending technologies and advance waste management.
>> How global governments and F&B businesses can bolster the circular economy.

Packaging Insights will be joined by experts from Innova Market Insights, flexible packaging specialist Constantia Flexibles and Israeli cleantech company UBQ Materials.
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