March 24, 2023

foodloose’s nut butter bites, now in salted caramel flavor


Cashew Butter Bites
“Salted Caramel Style”
1,79€ (RRP)

Who doesn’t love the combination of sweet and salty – together with a caramel note a true taste experience! From March, this combination is now available at foodloose not only in nut bar form, but also as Nut Butter Bite. And in two new varieties: Salted Caramel Style and Crunchy Peanut!

foodloose has rethought the popular Salted Caramel flavor and developed a bite with a sweet and salty cream filling that melts in your mouth. A delicious date cashew shell encloses the creamy, tender filling.

With the Crunchy Peanut variety, foodloose is expanding its range for all peanut butter fans. A delicious coating of peanuts, dates and cocoa encases a liquid peanut butter filling. As with Peanut Butter, there is now finally a “crunchy” version of the popular foodloose classic – refined with a pinch of sea salt.

With every pack of Nut Butter Bites purchased, you’re also doing something good, as foodloose donates 1% of its sales to charitable organizations. In doing so, the brand supports social projects that are particularly close to its heart. This spring, the 1% for Happiness goes equally to two organizations that do very important work. Every purchase supports both ProVeg and the Tafeln food banks in Germany.

The new Bites are naturally organic, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free, produced in a climate-neutral way and available now at foodloose website.

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