November 30, 2022

Fruit Attraction presents its Innovation Hub Awards

The winner in the Fresh Produce category was SURINVER in the F&V Industry category it went to SYNGENTA, and in the Sustainability and Commitment Actions category, the winner was GRANADA LA PALMA, each of which received 2,000 euros.

A total of 15 fruit and vegetable products and services have participated in the Innovation Hub Awards, defending their candidacy today, the last day of Fruit Attraction 2022. A panel of judges, made up of María Camino Arroyo, deputy managing director for fruit, vegetables and viticulture at the Ministry of
Agriculture; Victorio José Teruel Muñoz, deputy managing director for Food Safety Management. The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN); Rubén Moratiel, professor at the School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering; Gonzaga Ruiz De Gauna, manager of the BIOVEGEN technology platform, and Luis Martín, Technical Manager of FEPEX, decided to award the Fresh Produce prize to SURINVER, the F&V Industry prize to SYNGENTA, and in the category of Sustainability and Commitment Actions, the winner was GRANADA LA PALMA, each of which received 2,000 euros.

Fresh Produce category:
Creamy and natural pumpkin desserts with fruit, from Surinver -stand 7E04-. A delicious combination that offers unique flavors with a smooth and creamy texture.

F&V Industry category:
Persicop, from Syngenta -stand 9E12-, is a biological nitrogen fixer derived from microorganisms for vegetable, fruit and citrus crops.

Sustainability and Commitment Actions category:
La Parcela cherry tomato vegan burger, from the company Granada la Palma – stand 9D05. A healthy, sustainable and environmentally committed snack. The control of the entire process, from sowing to marketing, and a strong sense of responsibility inspired by the circular economy and recycling, make this product a benchmark for sustainability and commitment.

These are the 15 products recognized by the panel as finalists in the different categories: Fresh Produce -RubisGold, from Earth Market Iberica; Guacamole Powder Mix, from Interanza; Broccoli Mole, from Sat Bonnysa; natural pumpkin desserts with fruit, from Surinver and iSTEM, from Syngenta-. F&V Industry
category: -Dendrofruit 360 from Agerpix; Flexygo Q from Ahora; Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ (OKH – S0728)from Sinclair; Biocartene® Mulch Film from Sipa Natur World / Kacem Logistica; Persicop from Syngenta. The finalists in the Sustainability and Engagement Actions category are: Resilbio product line, from AlgaEnergy; Broccoli cream, from Agromark; Equi-Sun, from Deygest; La Parcela cherry tomato vegan burger, from the company Granada la Palma; Neo Nanobubble Generator, from Moleaer.

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