March 23, 2023

Fully automatic labeling: Applicators for any operation

At cab, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of label printing systems, they believe that every industrial plant has specific requests for fully automatic labeling. Cycle times are decisive, so
are variable to be processed at high speed. Whether objects are at rest or moved on a conveyor
when being labeled may be as well of importance, as well as the direction from which labels are to
be applied. HERMES Q and SQUIX printing systems by cab can be individually combined with
applicators or a robot arm to feature a tamp-on pad according to an operation. The modular concept
results in particularly flexible and future-proof labeling. If an object to which apply a label or a label
changes, the applicator can be quickly replaced in few steps.

There are various options for applying printed labels onto a surface. The options depend on the
applicator selected and its label transfer unit:

• Labels are tamped onto an object triggered by a signal. cab provides transfer units according to the
size or texture of an object, universal or spring-mounted, with a damping layer or a label stop.
• Labels are applied to an object by rolling, while the object is moved on a conveyor belt.
• Compressed air blowing, no mechanical contact: This allows labels to bridge a maximum distance
of 20 centimeters before landing on the target spot of an object, sticking there.
• Labels are wrapped around cylindrical objects using an applicator to feature a form pad.

cab IP HM_Hermes-applicators

cab provides solution for any operations

This is unique on the market. The modular concept is a worldwide one due to standardization. Tools for assembly and stands facilitate installation to plants. All necessary interfaces, Industry 4.0 protocols included, are available for integration to networks. Standards and norms such as OPC-UA and MQTT make people and machines interact in a safe manner. Labels printed and applied to products or packaging with a cab system are information carriers. They enable a smooth flow of manufacture and supply chains, as well as reliable internal processes.

Trade shows coming soon
Hannover Messe, April 17-21, 2023: hall 6, booth F58
interpack, Düsseldorf, May 04-10, 2023: hall 8b, booth D04

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