May 20, 2022

Green is even greener with reVIVO

For a long time now, IPI has been a provider of environmentally responsible packaging. Today, IPI is raising the stakes with an even greener product, as it is among the first companies to employ bio-based polymers within the multilayer structure of its aseptic packages and caps.

reVIVO is a next-level green packaging solution portfolio. In itself, it combines the 3 Rs at the cornerstone of IPI’s vision for sustainable packaging: renewableresponsiblerecyclable. Thanks to the sugarcane-based polymer materials contained in the caps and coatings of reVIVO solutions, it ensures the same performance of fossil fuel-based polymers, with even higher renewability – up to 90%. Moreover, as all biomass, the sugarcane retains CO2 from the atmosphere, and therefore offers an outstanding degree of sustainability. 

With reVIVO, green is even greener.

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