March 30, 2023

Hanover University of Applied Sciences uses reusable tableware from Relevo

 “We were looking for a partner with whom we could make the To-Go food service at the Hannover Medical School sustainable, innovative and easy for everyone. Relevo convinced us straight away with its deposit-free reusable system and its own app, ”said Stefan Birnfeld, head of the MHH central kitchen, and Christoph Bodenstein, MHH cafeteria coordinator, about the new partnership and use of the reusable cups and bowls from Relevo. In the future, to-go meals in the cafeteria and staff cafeterias will be served in Relevo reusable crockery – salads and warm dishes in the large bowl, stews and soups in the small bowl and desserts in the cup. “We are very pleased that we were able to win the MHH as the first clinic with Relevo reusable tableware in Germany. We are enthusiastic about the commitment with which the university is now avoiding packaging waste every day with the sustainable Relevo concept, “comments Matthias Potthast, Founder and Managing Director of Relevo, on the new partnership for the benefit of the environment and the future of food serving.

Disposable plastic avoidance on a large scale

Every year, around 22,500 disposable plates with plastic lids and over 70,000 smaller disposable containers were handed out at the Hannover Medical School. Thanks to the Relevo cooperation, this is now over: The Munich start-up is equipping the MHH central kitchen with high-quality cups and bowls for garbage-free meals. The Relevo reusable tableware can be reused up to 1,000 times before the manufacturer can then recycle it into secondary products. This makes it easy for the MHH to avoid single-use plastic waste and to use reusable tableware for the most part and thus making food distribution sustainable.

The “green MHH reusable” for employees and guests

The MHH central team explains in detail its own flyers in the canteen and cafeterias and on its website ( ). All questions about the Relevo concept – from “How does the reusable system work?” To “Are the bowls/cups leak-proof and unbreakable?” To “Do the reusable dishes have to be returned clean?” – are answered in detail. “We are particularly enthusiastic that the Relevo system works so easily for everyone involved. My employees don’t have to adjust to any new processes and those who buy food-to-go from us can easily track their cups and bowls in the Relevo app. So guests only need their smartphone to borrow and return the deposit, and at the same time we do not need any cash reserves to return the deposit, ”says Birnfeld, describing the successful system changeover. “We hope that the MHH is the beginning for Relevo for further successful collaborations in the field of cafeterias and dining rooms of medical facilities”, concluded Potthast. Canteens from student unions in Germany – including the Studierendenwerk Oberpfalz and Schleswig-Holstein – are already successfully using the sustainable Relevo reusable to-go system.

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