June 7, 2023

ICA recalls ICA frozen veg dumplings

ICA is recalling frozen vegetarian dumplings of the ICA brand as they contain sesame oil, which is not stated in the list of ingredients. All best-before dates are recalled as a precautionary measure, as the product may pose a potential hazard to consumers who are allergic to sesame oil.

The recall applies to ICA frozen vegetarian dumplings with dipping sauce 320 g, all best-before dates.

Quality Manager at ICA Sweden, Lena Sparring says, “At ICA, we carry out thorough quality controls of all our own products. We take what happened very seriously and recall the product. We are now investigating what measures we should take so that this does not happen again.”

Upon recall, the products are stopped at checkout and are not possible to buy. In a statement, ICA expresses its regret about what happened and urges customers who have bought the product to return the product to the ICA store where it was purchased, complain via ica.se or contact ICA’s customer contact on telephone 020-83 33 33. ICA’s customer contact is open weekdays between 8:00 and 15:00.

  • Source: ICA

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