June 16, 2024

It’s transformation time at Deli Reform

The new packaging designs of the Deli Reform classics Das Original, Die Leichte and Sommerfrische ensure a higher quality and more sustainable look that stands out on the supermarket shelf. Branding and all important product characteristics are summarized in a kind of banderole. This not only emphasizes the nutritional benefits and the vegan recipe of the vegetable fat spreads, but also clearly communicates the diverse areas of application with the help of icons.

A purely plant-based diet has many advantages – both for your own health and for the environment. The consumer trends of recent years show that consumers today pay much more attention to a conscious and plant-based diet, high-quality products and sustainability than they did a few years ago. For 60% of Germans, the thought of sustainability influences their eating and shopping habits, such as the YouGov study “Sustainability matters” from 2021 resulted. Deli Reform has always offered plant-based products. The recipes are continuously being further developed and combine the consumer requirements of conscious nutrition, plant-based ingredients and taste. All three core products are purely plant-based, i.e. vegan, and provide natural omega 3 with their main ingredient rapeseed oil. The EcoPack, consisting of a cardboard sleeve and 63% recycled plastic, appears more sustainable and valuable with a subtle matt finish.

Deli Reform has stood for plant-based and healthy nutrition for more than 60 years. “Our aim is to make our products sustainable and more valuable than other margarine products. At the same time, we want to meet our customers as a transparent and trustworthy partner. That’s why our margarine brand is still available in the tried-and-tested and well-known 500 g pot,” says Harald Guimaraes.

Deli Reform is on the air

The relaunch will be accompanied by high-impact communication measures. From March 2023, Deli Reform will start a three-month TV campaign with a reach of 190 million gross contacts.

In addition, Deli Reform is bringing a breath of fresh air to the website and social media channels in order to make it more attractive to a younger target group. In this way, the food manufacturer wants to keep up with the changes in today’s consumer society and grow among young buyers.

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