October 3, 2022

Kohlhoff Compact Hygiene Stations HD Line in Anuga FoodTec

Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik, Unna, always equips its compact hygiene stations developed for the food industry as well as for large slaughterhouses and cutting plants with high-performance and reliable components, thus meeting the special requirements for resilience and functional safety of these companies.

At the beginning of the model year 2022, the compact hygiene stations of the HD-Line model series, de-signed for multi-shift operations with very high running cycles, were functionally as well as ergonomically optimised in several areas, in order to be able to continue to guarantee product characteristics as outlined above at the highest level.

This includes the EK 800 entrance control device used in these systems, which is now being equipped with the new, state-of-the-art HDE 15 display control. This makes the menu navigation easy to handle and the parameter settings can be entered in plain text in a user-friendly manner. The systems can be remotely serviced and all necessary parameters individually set via a laptop of the customer or the operator. These options, as well as the networking of further controllers and HDE 15 modules just as the download of the firmware are realised via a USB connection. The current settings can be loaded via USB stick and thus copied to the control units of other systems without networking.

The positioning of the ultrasonic sensors in the newly shaped railing and the use of a new multifunctional LED display, each of which provides the user with visual information on the use and maintenance of the system in different colours, improve reliability, as does the more effective splash guard achieved through higher lateral shielding of the brushes of the walk-through sole cleaning machine. The particularly wear-resistant new mechanics of the turnstile lock on the EK 800 entrance control device as well as the extremely robust construction of all systems in the HD-Line model series offer their users safety and a long service life.

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