August 19, 2022

Lycored wins marketing award for
wellness campaigns

Lycored has won a prestigious marketing award for its campaigns to inspire inclusive ideas of beauty, self-love and wellness during lockdown.

Throughout the pandemic, Lycored carried out a series of initiatives to promote holistic views of beauty and wellness, and raise awareness of ingestible skincare. They were designed to both drive B2B interest in the company’s carotenoid range and to engage with consumers. In 2020 Lycored announced that it was more than doubling its lycopene production to meet demand.

Lycored has now received the award for B2B Brand Team of the Year at the 2022 Drum Awards for Marketing, which reward the most effective marketing campaigns from around the world. Other winners this year include Guinness and the North Face.

Combining both online and offline experiential approaches, Lycored’s activities during lockdown included:

  • ‘Pops of Positivity’ – which prompted users of Lycored’s littleglow app to complete weekly wellness activities delivered to their phones
  • ‘Letters to a Stranger’ – a campaign to bridge the lockdown divides by encouraging people to write notes of support to those who needed it most
  • ‘Pathfinder’ – a film that followed a group of athletes as they aimed to walk on a high wire underneath the Northern Lights in Norway
  • A New York Fashion Week campaign in which Lycored encouraged Instagram users to write messages of positivity to models about to walk the runway
  • Livestream – wherever members of the global industries were hunkered down, Lycored invited them to a grand opening and virtual VIP tour of its new facility and to tune in to a tomato garden livestream from one of its farms
  • Flower Wall – a celebration of Lycored’s work on sustainability, in which a wall was filled with hundreds of marigolds and passers-by were given packets of seeds.

Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand at Lycored, said: “Lockdown was an extraordinary time, and it inspired us to try many new approaches. We wanted to nourish emotional connections and promote caring in a time of isolation, but also to disrupt some of the conventional thinking in the health, nutrition and beauty industries. We grounded our marketing and communications in a wrapper of real human connection, transparency and playful inspiration.”

He added: “Lycored has an amazing team, which totally deserves to have its efforts during the pandemic recognized. We’re so proud to receive this prestigious marketing award and to see Lycored mentioned alongside some of the biggest brand names in the world.”

The awards were judged by a powerhouse panel of marketing leaders, including Lex Bradshaw-Zanger from L’Oreal and Sanyu Dillon from Penguin Random House. The winners were announced in London on June 15th.

Lycored’s wellness extracts include carefully calibrated oleoresins of natural tomato nutrients and antioxidants optimized to work synergistically and offer proven benefits for beauty and skin wellness.

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