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Bosch Packaging Technology wins German Packaging Award


The sensor-controlled product detection and adaptivity of the concept machine SVC 1820 BH from Bosch Packaging Technology has been honoured with the German Packaging Award 2017. The award is presented on an annual basis by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut – dvi). The vertical form, fill and seal machine SVC 1820 BH convinced the jury with sensors inside the forming tube. The machine is designed to package food.


The jurors rated a total of 200 projects from twelve countries and rewarded the best innovations in ten categories. “By winning the German Packaging Award, enterprises show their outstanding innovative power and make a strong statement,” says Dr. Bettina Horenburg, dvi Board Member and person in charge of the German Packaging Award.


Senior development engineers André Philipp and Peter Langers from Bosch Packaging Technology in Weert, The Netherlands, accepted the award at the winners’ gala in the Humboldt Box in front of the Berlin City Palace on September 26, 2017.  „I am proud that with our innovation we can contribute to a more sustainable production and increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness at our customers,“ states André Philipp.


Adaptive technology for an optimized output

The patented sensor-controlled product detection of the SVC 1820 BH is one of Bosch’s Industry 4.0 features, allowing to detect the product while it is falling and adjusting the sealing process automatically. Usually, if product is caught in between the sealing jaws, the machine stops and depending on product cleaning might be required, causing machine downtime. With sensor-controlled product detection, the sealing jaws only close when there is no product in between, resulting in an increased OEE. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of contamination, thereby complying with the ever-demanding food safety regulations. Additionally, the adaptivity of the machine contributes to a sustainable production by reducing waste of product, film and energy, the company said.