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TOP BV makes FoodLab facility available to third parties


In the TOP FoodLab all necessities are present to conduct small scale trial productions for a broad variety of products. Machines like a filling line, a packaging line and a metal detector are available. Also TOP’s own innovations like PurePulse PEF2.0, Coldpresses and the AMAP packaging technology can be used. In a recently built trial installation practically all pasteurization and sterilization processes can be simulated under various process conditions.

The investment needed to open a new production line or to obtain a new process technique is often very high. This usually makes the risk insurmountable large. This phenomena – called “the valley of death” – is a negative factor which holds back innovation or even nips it in the bud. By making these facilities available in the FoodLab, TOP wants to build a bridge for innovative companies to overcome this valley of death. The lab is open for all customers of TOP, startups as well as multinationals in the food industry.

TOP BV, service supplier in food design, process development and innovation management, was the founding father of advanced food innovations over the past twelve years. TOP is strongly focused on open innovation, for which she cooperates with companies from all over the food chain, from farm to fork, claims the company.