June 7, 2023

Pommes Freunde opens new stores

POMMES FREUNDE has started 2022 with tailwind and is accelerating its expansion: a few days ago, the location in the Danube shopping center DEZ opened in Regensburg. Bavaria remains the focus for the premium fast food chain when it comes to further new openings: the lease for the eleventh location in the state capital was signed at the Ostbahnhof in Munich. With Aschaffenburg, another Bavarian city is also on the map of POMMES FREUNDE: The first Pommes Freunde outlet in the second largest city in Lower Franconia is expected to open in the city center in the third quarter. The short-term goal of POMMES FREUNDE is 50 stores – expansion to Austria and Switzerland is also on the agenda for 2022.

“Due to the renewed uncertainties caused by the pandemic, we had to slow down the pace of expansion somewhat from the fourth quarter of 2021. With the start of 2022, however, we have picked up full speed again. We are convinced that concession gastronomy will emerge stronger from this industry crisis. High-frequency locations and inner cities also have their place in the location mix post-Covid,” explains Sebastian Petz, founder and managing director of POMMES FREUNDE.

The POMMES FREUNDE store has been open in the Donau shopping center in Regensburg for a few days. Around 50 seats for friends of high-quality fast food are available in the 65 square meter dining room. This means that POMMES FREUNDE has already been represented twice in the attractive and prosperous city – POMMES FREUNDE started in the Regensburg Arcaden at the beginning of 2021. Further locations in Regensburg are currently being examined.

With Erlangen and Aschaffenburg, two new cities are added

The market entry in Erlangen will have similar dimensions to the DEZ in Regensburg: 50 seats and 60 square meters of dining space will be available for guests on the ground floor of the Erlangen Arcaden from spring 2022. With the start in Aschaffenburg, POMMES FREUNDE is opening up another city in Bavaria: In the summer of 2022, the first POMMES FREUNDE store in the city is to open in the City Galerie, an established shopping center right in the city centre.

POMMES FREUNDE in Munich is already significantly further in the expansion: At the founding location, the company has signed the lease for the eleventh store. A purely to-go location with delivery service will be created at the highly frequented Ostbahnhof, which is scheduled to open in autumn 2022. The fast-growing concept recently opened its tenth store in Munich on the prestigious Orlandostrasse, right next to the Platzl.

Other cities and regions are in focus for 2022, the short-term goal remains 50 stores. Including the recently opened and already signed properties, POMMES FREUNDE currently has 41 outlets. In addition to the federal territory, the step to Austria and Switzerland is also on the agenda for the current year. Locations in both countries are currently being examined.

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