December 1, 2023

SIG solution for Cemil’s supply chain visibility

Cemil, one of the most important companies for long-life dairy products and soy-based beverages in Minas Gerais, Brazil, announces the adoption of SIG’s PAC.TRUST solution at its operation in the city of Patos de Minas, the interior of Minas Gerain, to manage its entire logistics chain in real-time.

With PAC.TRUST from SIG, Cemil can provide product traceability through an automated system, monitoring volumes from the time the packaging leaves the filling line, to delivery at point-of-sale. This enables complete digitalization of the logistics process, which mitigates errors and deviations due to misregistration. SIG’s PAC.TRUST solution allows Cemil to reduce time in exercises and traceability actions, simplify audits and bring even more security to all processes involved in the supply chain.

The traceability process chosen by Cemil starts after the carton packs are filled. Each item is individually coded with a 2D code that refers to the lot data and the filling time. At palletization, each pallet is given a label with a unique QR code that makes it possible to link the data of the products to digitally monitor their movement in real-time. This is achieved by scanning and distributing work orders, which are now monitored throughout the storage and transport cycle to the point of sale. In summary, the system provides an “X-ray view” of the entire distribution process, which allows any logistical bottlenecks to be identified.

For Carlos Rios, Digital Solutions Manager at SIG South America, this solution gives Cemil better management of the entire logistics chain, as well as more security for its consumers: “The partnership with SIG and the use of its digital PAC.TRUST solution guarantees Cemil better control and higher productivity, as well as full visibility of its logistics chain, facilitating any product recall. In this way, Cemil ensures product safety and quality”.

In addition to the benefits for the production process and the end consumer, the new solution also helps Cemil to adapt to new industry requirements of retailers, which are increasingly demanding efficient traceability processes from suppliers. Further advantages for retailers are:

Safety in the rapid handling of deviations
Traceability efficiency and accuracy
FIFO interlocking and expiration data management
Delivery follow-up
Security and accuracy in deliveries

“Cemil is a company committed to the quality and safety of its products and is always innovating and seeking alternatives to improve our processes. With SIG’s solution we are competitively well ahead of other companies in our segment, by offering the market a traceability solution to follow-up of our products throughout the logistics chain” declares Warlei Tana, Cemil’s Marketing and Commercial Director.

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