June 2, 2023

SIG’s global launch of next gen filling technology and packaging at Gulfood Manufacturing

SIG, a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic packaging, has marked the launch of its next-generation Food & Beverage (F&B) filling technology and family-size packaging today at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 in Dubai. This coincides with the global launch of SIG NEO, the centrepiece of SIG’s next-generation platform and the world’s fastest filling machine for family-size carton packs with up to 18,000 packs per hour, as well as the unique and versatile combivita pack.

SIG NEO, which will be unveiled at the show, will redefine a new era for the global F&B industry. Visitors to Gulfood will be able to experience first-hand the new technology which will be presented for the first time at the show from 7 to 9 November. With a built-in smart asset management system, a connected user interface, and robotics, SIG NEO is a technical masterpiece that’s packed with advanced innovation to optimally equip the food and beverage industry to meet today’s requirements, while at the same time offering all the capabilities to meet future challenges. SIG NEO has best-in-class sterility rates and reduced consumption of resources – all adding to the improved total cost of ownership and a 25% lower carbon footprint compared to SIG’s current generation filling machines for family-size carton packs.

Abdelghany Eladib, President and General Manager at SIG: “We are delighted to be able to reveal SIG’s transformative technology to the industry and the world at Gulfood Manufacturing. The SIG NEO filling machine is at the core of SIG’s next-gen filling technology platform. We’ve built a world-class system that’s far more flexible than any other on the market and with industry-leading sterility rates. It drives costs down while reducing carbon footprint – better for business and the environment. It is an exceptional breakthrough for aseptic filling machines.”

SIG NEO is making its debut with the innovative combivita family-size aseptic pack. On display for the first time globally at Gulfood 2021, combivita represents the next level of convenience and differentiation in aseptic packaging and has been developed based on extensive consumer-centric research and provides a competitive edge to beverage manufacturers.

Available in three-volume sizes (500, 750 and 1,000ml), combivita has a slanted top and wider opening to ensure a smooth and easy pouring. SIG’s new tethered, easy open, and resealable closure truTwist is 32.5mm in diameter helping to enable a convenient experience.combivita’s unique and subtle curve on the back not only adds to the elegance of the pack, but also makes it easier for consumers of all ages to handle.

For beverage manufacturers, the side corner panels of combivita provide additional on-pack branding opportunities, to help achieve an outstanding shelf presence. The highly robust combivita pack enables 100% pallet utilization and reduces secondary packaging and logistical costs, compared to existing carton formats.

Ali Kaylan, SVP Innovation at SIG: “The pandemic has fuelled a paradigm shift in consumer habits, including working from home and buying products in advance. As a result, the demand for convenient family-size products and packaging formats has grown exponentially. Our new combivita carton pack makes life more simple, convenient, flexible and sustainable for both consumers and our customers.”

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