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Al-Watania Poultry
Poultry products: see page 39 in AMEFT 16/I as well as page 63 in AMEFT 15/IV, page 57 in AMEFT 15/I and page 11 in AMEFT 14/IV

Apples from Europe
Apples from Europe: see page 43 in AMEFT 16/II and page 72 in AMEFT 15/III

European Fresh Poultry
Quality poultry: see page 11 in AMEFT 18/II, as well as page 15 in AMEFT 17/III, page 27 in AMEFT 17/I, page 25 in AMEFT 16/III and page 29 in AMEFT 16/II

Haelssen & Lyon GmbH
The world of tea: see page 23 in AMEFT 16/III as well as page 37 in AMEFT 15/I and page 37 in AMEFT 14/II