May 20, 2022

The new barbecue culture: Enjoy vegan

Go for the grate! 200 g steak, vegan chicken breast & Co ensure vegan grilling pleasure

Juicy, tender and with an incomparable taste. Only the best goes on the grill! Whether plant-based steak or unique vegan chicken breast, fresh salads, delicious sauces and a fully set table on the terrace, in the garden or on the balcony. The joint barbecue parties are just around the corner. Finally roasting vegan steaks, burgers & co over a hot, open fire again. Positive vibes are the order of the day. Do you want to inspire with creative, meatless dishes without making compromises in terms of basic product quality, taste and selection? Very easily. The small but fine manufacturer THE GREEN MOUNTAIN offers everything for a legendary barbecue summer. Challenge accepted!

Grilling and chilling for plant-based lovers

Would you like something more gourmet? Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone who consciously and discerningly wants to enjoy meat-free food can take themselves to the next level. THE GREEN MOUNTAIN stands for Swiss Made, environmental protection and animal welfare. Here we go. The Swiss manufacturer has the perfect range of plant-based grills for every palate and ensures great variety on the plates.

The products: The Burner, also on the grill!

Since 2020, the vegan premium products from Switzerland have also been selling successfully in Austria and Germany: as the first star in the range, THE GREEN MOUNTAIN burger was voted the superior taste winner in Switzerland after just six months. But there are also real innovations with the well-known wow effect. Following the example of the original, the juicy steak can be prepared medium or well-done as a plant-based alternative. 200 g, rare, medium, or well done. With THE GREEN MOUNTAIN Plant-Based Steak there are no compromises in taste, with 100% enjoyment. Healthy alternative, full, great, taste.

The raw, marinated vegan chicken breast, for example, tastes incredibly tender, can hardly be distinguished from the animal original and stands for uncompromising enjoyment. And is a real feast for the taste buds. Promised!

The grill will also be on fire with the two bratwurst alternatives (red and white) or the balls, real fan potential included. But the minced meat as an all-rounder should not be missing from the range. After all, there are also rainy days when the grill stays cold. Sounds good!

The gastronomy range is available exclusively from wholesalers. Assortments and availability may vary per market.

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