September 24, 2023

TopGum Gummies earns new organic seal

TopGum gains organic certification for its clean, sugar-free functional gummies

TopGum Industries Ltd., a leading producer of functional gummies; announces its new designation as a USDA-certified organic manufacturer of gummies. Following a strict audit of its facility and production systems by an authorized international Organic Certifier, the new seal confirms the company’s commitment to sourcing, processing, and manufacturing certified organic, non-GMO products that conform to the rigid standards established by the USDA’s National Organic Program.

“Receiving formal organic certification entails a lengthy and complex process and marks an important milestone for us,” explains Doron Delouya, VP of Product at TopGum. “Globally, consumers are becoming increasingly attuned to the wellness qualities, the source of the ingredients and the environmental footprint of the foods and supplements they consume. At Top Gum, through constant, cutting-edge innovation, we have developed a unique formula that enables dietary supplement brands to deliver functional gummies that meet all organic standards, yet—most importantly—still have strong flavor appeal and great organoleptic attributes.”

The company purchases only select and certified organic raw materials, then follows stringent internal standard operating procedures, including cleaning and sanitation procedures. “We have implemented our proprietary technology to formulate an uncompromised organic gummy matrix and a state-of-the-art computerized system for traceability across the production chain, from raw materials to finished product,” explains Delouya.

TopGum’s functional gummies incorporate a unique delivery system that facilitates the integration of high-value nutraceuticals including botanical extracts and vitamins and minerals at concentrated dosages and are free of added sugars.

Positioning itself at the head of the gummy innovation curve, the company’s product portfolio also includes its patented sugar-free Gummiceuticals whose formula is based on inherently sweet prebiotic fibers.

“Consumers are actively seeking gummy supplements as opposed to pills and tablets and the organic gummies are the next evolution in high-end supplements,” notes Amichai Bar Nir, CEO of TopGum. “There also is a growing movement in developing countries to turn to natural gummy supplements. Our R&D team worked relentlessly in last couple of years to develop a sugar-free, clean label better-for-you gummy without any short-comings in the consumer experience.”

The company will introduce its organic gummies to its lucrative customer base in the US before moving to Europe and the rest of the world. TopGum manufactures gummy supplements on a private-label basis for brands seeking innovative and more palatable formats for their nutraceutical ingredients. “We already received orders from several food supplement companies for custom botanical gummies that qualify as organic,” adds Bar Nir. “And these include some first-tier names.”

“Since our entry to the functional gummies world, we are constantly pushing for innovative ways to upgrade our offerings,” continues Bar-Nir. “We have combined our 20 years of experience in pioneering flavorful gummies to take the supplement space to new heights. Our newly acquired organic status effectively opens an entirely new market and will expand the range of products the company can offer its customers worldwide.”

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