June 15, 2021

Waiting for Host2021: Pastry gets a makeover

The art of pastry will take the central stage of the next edition of Host2021. Visitors, in addition to the best of the Ho.re.ca., retail and hotels sectors, will be able to discover the universe of dessert: from its evolution to the products, from technology to the latest trends and marketing, also thanks to the presence of Iginio Massari, accompanied by other authoritative Masters coming from the five corners of the planet.

From France to Germany, from Japan to the United States across Italy and China. “At Host everyone will tell their idea of pastry, providing important stimuli to professionals in the sector who will participate,” says Maestro Massari, creator of the “Pasticceria di Lusso nel Mondo” by Iginio Massari (Luxury Pastry in the world) event that also this year will see the presence of some of the most important pastry chefs in the world, personally selected by the Maestro.
As in the 2019 edition, this upcoming October fifteen among the biggest names in the pastry-making world will take the stage with Massari and his daughter Debora and his son Nicola: from Pierre Hermé (Luxembourg) to German Heinz Heinemann, Japanese Shimon Otsuka, French Angelo Musa, New Yorker Biagio Settepani, French Jouvaud Carpentras all the way to a large variety of master Italians, such as Nicola Pansa (Amalfi Coast), Roberto Rinaldini (Rimini), the President of the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani Gino Fabbri, Giovanni Pina from Bergamo (who moved to Hong
Kong) and Massimo Artorige Giubilesi, food technologist, founder and CEO of Giubilesi & Associati and President of FCSi Italia.

The future of confectionary: healthier products and increasingly advanced professional machines Particular methods of steel processing, new polishing methods, computerized applications. “In the last year, Italian companies have gained a huge advantage over their competitors in terms of technology. Investments in research and development have been made, and there has indeed been no shortage of time to stop and think

The result is professional machines, processes, and applications that have enabled Italian firms to leap 30 years ahead of others.” Reports Iginio Massari. “We will be asking questions about principles and trends, comparing notes with leading pastry chefs in Italy and abroad who will be there alongside me once again. At this moment, it is necessary to shed light on and tell the whole world about new ideas in pastry making, on the research being done and on the sector’s new frontiers”, he says and mentions specifically the revolution in the making of creams and custards that we will see in the coming months. Using a new generation of machines, it is possible to create a lighter product with a more pronounced flavor, but without adding any extra calories. “It is about the use of a new preparation that increases the volume of the product without altering the quality of the ingredients,” he says, confirming the results that have emerged from the Host Observatory on the world of pastry. Indeed, when it comes to staying competitive, product quality and the ability to diversify one’s product range will matter so much more in 2021 than in the past. “This trend,” says the report, “translates into a demand for machinery that respects and enhances the ingredients, considering the way in which the pandemic has accelerated the demand for products suitable for delivery, also in the Gelato and Pastry sector.” So, the aim for large and small companies of the sector will be to innovate, concentrating on preparing products in advance and reducing waste to a minimum. And that is not all: informed innovation means not just choosing professional machinery that is energy efficient, but also providing smart solutions – from the preparation to the packaging stages – able to serve fresh food that is of high quality and is supplied to customers when they need it, however, it is going to be consumed.

Pastry and foodservice: where customization and sustainability are key From tableware to professional machinery, companies have their sights firmly set on green products and more personalized service. In tableware, the attention will focus on products that combine aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency, in a way that brings to the mise en place a touch of style, creativity, and endless customization possibilities. The services dedicated to professional tableware must never forget the importance of practicality: new trends will include innovative formats reminiscent of terracotta to recall a more rustic style, but with the characteristics of porcelain.

The search for personalization is an important element also for the new professional machines proposals, that will be realized with increasing attention to health, the environment, and craftsmanship. The latest generation mixing machines are in fact driven by moto-inverters, through which it is possible to achieve high levels of efficiency that would have been unthinkable up until just a few years ago. This technology is also adopted on countertop machines where universal motors were usually used, being cheaper but also generally noisier and less efficient.

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