May 21, 2024

Aetna Group returns to Hispackin partnership with Aetna Group Iberica focus on sustainability

Once again, Aetna Group announces its participation in Hispack 2024 with Robopac Machinery and OCME as protagonists and forerunners of innovation. Scheduled to take place in Barcelona from 7 to 10 May, this event is considered among the most important in Europe for packaging and logistics. It is the ideal stage to present the latest innovations with a focus on sustainability and the circular economy. The last edition (in 2022) attracted more than 31,000 visitors from Europe but also from South America. This year, the registered exhibitors40% of whom belong to the food sector — have reached 720 (over 100 more than in 2022) and represent 20 countries.

At the centre of the stand (Gran Via, Hall 3, Level 0, Street D, Stand 156), two Robopac technologies that are fundamental for modern companies are on display, both of which meet the need to reconcile traditional plastic and paper packaging technologies: Technoplat PW and ReCYCLE.

Technoplat PW is the innovative turntable that uses paper instead of plastic film as wrapping material. This solution is part of a larger project in which the Group is already involved in the development of applications that use recycled or compostable film for packaging and load stabilization.

ReCYCLE is the ultimate eco-friendly solution for waste disposal. It is a system for the immediate compaction and disposal of waste materials, up to 70% less than the original volume. ReCYCLE is one of the technologies that the Group proposes to increase sustainability levels in the Company, along with the implementation of techniques to optimize the use of traditional packaging materials and the use of innovative materials.

The thirs technology is Auriga, a laser-guided vehicle for in-house logistics, which is part of the OCME product range in leading technology for warehouse management. These are counterbalanced vehicles with forks, designed to transport any type of product. The Auriga range consists of several models, from the smallest Auriga 8CT, ideal for moving in confined spaces with a load capacity of 800 kg, to larger models such as the Auriga 45 CT, used to transport three pallets with a maximum load capacity of 4,500 kg.

Aetna Group‘s participation in Hispack is strengthened by its collaboration with Aetna Group Iberica, a local branch that has been active for almost ten years and is known for its excellent services and rapid assistance throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

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