September 24, 2023

IPI aseptic systems

Source: Bakery China

Aseptic packaging is the process where a pre-sterilized food product is filled, completely airtight, in sterile packaging materials under an aseptic environment. IPI is one of the few full system providers worldwide in the aseptic roll-fed carton packaging of liquid foods. For over 40 years, IPI has been providing solutions for the packaging of beverages and food liquids in long-life cartons: UHT milk and dairy products, juice and drinks, plant-based beverages, tomato-based products, wine, and much more!

With head office in Italy, IPI serves beverage brands in over 50 countries successful products. IPI is one of the few full system providers worldwide in the aseptic roll-fed carton packaging of liquid foods. As an industry-leading aseptic solutions supplier, IPI provides high performing filling machines and lines, packaging material and shapes, as well as openings and services while supporting developments in the aseptic beverage and liquid food industry worldwide. Numerous dairies and beverage companies are selecting IPI today as highly skilled and experienced partner in roll-fed aseptic packaging system with the understanding and ability to cope with the changing consumer habits.

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