June 16, 2024


KHS HASYTEC Dynamic Biofilm Protection: Reducing deposits on machines with ultrasound

With ultrasound, deposits on bottle washingmachines, for instance, can be clearly reduced, cleaning intervalslengthened and downtimes shortened – not to mention the savings inenergy and resources. German mineral water bottling plant StaatlichBad Meinberger has put this simple principle into practice – and isdelighted with the results. “When it comes to sustainability and resource efficiency, we’re

KHS at BrauBeviale. Day 3: Save on resources with our packaging systems and solutions

Following the launch of a universal adhesive for beverage cans, KHS is now also offering this pioneeringfurther development for plastic bottles. This increases the possible uses of Nature MultiPack, one of the most environmentally friendly forms of secondary packaging currently available on the beveragemarket. KHS has further streamlined its resource-conserving system that joins beverage containers

KHS: Tobias Wetzel named as new managerial head

The former head of the Service Division to assume the post on January 1, 2024Wetzel joins Kai Acker, Martin Resch, and Beate Schäfer in top managementThe growth course of the last few years is to be jointly continued long-term Back to his old domain on January 1, 2024, Tobias Wetzel will become the new managerial

KHS: Lower energy costs plus reliable production

Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, prices for electricity, gas and oil have rocketed. The situation on the world’s energy markets remains tense, with the high costs a huge financial burden for both consumers and industry. There is an increasing demand for alternative solutions to secure an economical supply of energy in the

Denis Hanau (Source: Jörg Schwalfenberg) “With the iflex up to 80% of all manual line conversion tasks are superfluous,” explains Denis Hanau, head of the PET Project Processing Product Division at KHS.

No time to lose: KHS InnoPET iflex automated
line changeovers

• Fast and reproducible changeover concept significantly boosts the overall equipment effectiveness• Up to 80% fewer manual tasks• Superordinate Innoline Flex Control line management system coordinates and synchronizes changeovers With the number of SKUs continuously on the increase, many bottlers of water and soft drinks are calling for complete line changeovers that take just 30

The fully automatic transversal kegging line from for greater line efficiency KHS

Compact design with a central conveyor segment Processes practically all standard market container sizes and formats Keg system can be flexibly expanded thanks to the modular design More flexibility, efficiency and speed: with its Innokeg AF-C Transversal the KHS Group provides a sophisticated setup that washes and racks up to 500 kegs an hour. Thanks

Henkel opts for preferential heating from KHS

Reliable KHS PET systems in operation for decades First-time investment in a stretch blow molder for the beauty segment In-house production improves ecological footprint and simplifies logistics With preferential heating KHS provides an energy-efficient method for producing oval PET bottles with an optimized weight. Not only the food industry but also consumer goods manufacturers such

KHS and Ferrum adopt pioneering role in hygienic machine design

Close partnership strengthened by mutual developmentsKHS filler convincing with its flexibility and resource efficiencyFerrum seamer tailored to customer requirements An increasing number of beverages are being filled into cans worldwide, with the diversity of products seeing a similar increase. It is for precisely this reason that canners make particularly high demands of flexibility and the

KHS machine processes can toppers made of cardboard

The packaging is user friendly, the material kind to the environment, the machine powerful: the KHS Group’s Innopack Kisters CNP (Carton Nature Packer) processes can toppers made of cardboard at a rate of up to 108,000 cans per hour. With the help of its recently developed CNP machine, the turnkey supplier is now establishing a

Long-term investment: KHS and Martens strengthen their partnership

 Brewery invests in a further Innopack Nature MultiPack machine Technology can process PET bottles or cans KHS’ sustainable packaging portfolio continues to grow KHS and Martens are continuing to pursue their mutual strategy of reducing packaging materials. Only last year the traditional Belgian brewery invested in an Innopack Nature MultiPack machine that forms PET

KHS: A block system for the future

Tempo Beverages invests in new PET line from KHS In Israel Tempo is literally on everyone’s lips: as the biggest producer of alcoholic beverages and the third-largest supplier of soft drinks the brand is known to almost the entire population of 9.1 million. There’s hardly a household in the country without a bottle of beer,