April 14, 2024

ABCC attracts global customers for Brazilian halal products

● Brazil stands as a leader in the export of certified foods and continues to attract a global customer base
● The global halal industry is projected to exceed USD 9 trillion by

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), in collaboration with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC), and the Brazilian
Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), organised recently the Halal do Brasil Day during the Anuga Halal Conference and Market, one of the world’s largest and most reputable food shows.

Key representatives from the Halal do Brasil initiative came together at the recent gathering to highlight how the worldwide popularity of Halal products from Brazil continues to soar, attracting a global customer base and strengthening Brazil’s standing as a dominant force in the export of certified foods.
Founded in 2022, Halal do Brasil aims to increase international recognition of Brazilian-made halal products and provide a venue for showcasing certified Brazilian products in markets abroad. Brazil proudly displayed a wide array of products during the event, all carefully crafted to satisfy the various tastes of its diverse customers. These products included traditional protein products, breakfast
cereals, pulps, açaí, confectionery, coffee, processed foods, fruits, and seasonings. Mohamad Mourad, Vice President of ABCC, said: “A significant portion of the consumer market today embraces halal products and services. These individuals are dedicated to making thoughtful, health-conscious, and ecologically responsible decisions, as well as placing a high value on the assurance of product authenticity
and ethical sourcing. Our latest gathering at the Anuga Halal Conference and

Market enabled us to better understand the potential of Brazilian halal products and
develop policies that will support our expanding customer base.” Attendees at Anuga were treated to delicious food prepared by Brazilian chefs using halal ingredients that were on display. The event was also attended by Giovane Elber, the renowned Brazilian football player who is actively involved in
the cattle industry in Brazil and a strong advocate for the superior quality of Brazilian protein in international markets.

Fernanda Dantas, Project Manager of the ABCC, commented “Brazil features an advanced food industry that can serve a wide range of markets. The event further provided us with a chance to explore these prospects and guarantee steady development for the future. Furthermore, Brazil was a key sponsor of the Anuga Halal Conference and Market, resulting in its prominent position at the esteemed event. This sponsorship provided a unique forum for showcasing our products to a global audience and exemplified our commitment to the rapidly growing halal industry”.

The growing Muslim community in North America and Europe is increasing the demand for halal food, while non-Muslim consumers are also becoming more interested in the segment due to concerns about food safety and quality, with projections indicating that the global halal industry will exceed USD 9 trillion
(EUR 8.4 trillion) by 2025. The Halal do Brasil project strengthens the popularity of Brazilian halal food in
foreign markets. The project has been actively involved in major Muslim market trade events, including Saudi Halal Expo in Saudi Arabia, Gulfood in the UAE, MIHAS in Malaysia, and Anuga. The initiative encourages Brazilian food companies to seek halal certification for their product lines, thereby increasing the proportion of added-value food products exported.

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