December 4, 2023

ADM identifies four factors that will drive the expansion of the Alternative Protein Ecosystem

ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in human and animal nutrition, released its outlook on what’s driving the advancement of the protein ecosystem. The report details four factors driving the expansion of protein choices to feed the world’s growing population while keeping the planet’s best interest in mind.
“Creating a sustainable and secure food system that addresses the sensory experience, nutrition, and accessibility is vital to supporting the needs of people around the world,” said Leticia Gonçalves, president, Global Foods, ADM. “We’re excited to share what we believe is needed to expand the
protein ecosystem and encourage additional consumer acceptance and adoption.”
As food security, health and well-being, and sustainability continue to shape the food landscape, ADM is leveraging its deep knowledge of the alternative protein arena and proprietary, in-depth consumer and market insights to share how a diverse set of protein options, including plant-based and animal-
based proteins, as well as novel sources and technologies, can help support each of these macro trends and what it will take to usher in new protein innovations.

“Understanding current consumer needs, anticipating future trends, fostering industry collaboration, and investing in advanced technologies is crucial for developing and innovating a protein arena that prioritizes both people and the planet,” continued Gonçalves.

ADM has outlined what it will take to expand the alternative protein landscape while addressing concerns, demands, and gaps now and for generations to come:
Anticipating the Next Wave of Advancements
Accelerating consumer acceptance of future-state technologies that can deliver a diverse array of protein solutions.
Championing Consumer Adoption
Solving today’s consumer experience by addressing taste, texture, and nutrition by merging what consumers want and communicating that effectively to encourage the adoption of protein alternatives or hybrids.

Bridging the Gap to Better Nutrition
Innovating to support dietary diversity, improvements to nutrition, and increasing demands for specific wellness support.

Solving Accessibility with a Tailored Approach
Focusing more on regional nuances and sustainable solutions to solve global food system challenges.
Learn more about the four driving factors and find a breakdown of consumer and market insights.


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