March 25, 2023

AIMPLAS expands its open training programme

AIMPLAS has opened enrolment for its 2023 online courses, which include
two new courses on mechanical recycling and chemical recycling of plastic
Besides these additions, AIMPLAS also offers courses throughout the year
on processes such as extrusion, injection moulding and compounding based
on the convenience of the online method.

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, has opened
enrolment for its online courses on transformation processes and plastic recycling
technologies made available through its platform PLASTICS ACADEMY.
The training courses’ flexible online method combines interactive multimedia content with
follow-up through tutorials with AIMPLAS expert staff members.
There are currently five courses open for enrolment: three existing courses, Extrusion
Technologies for Flexible Semi-Finished Products, Training on Injection Moulding and
Moulds, and Compounding: The Art of Mixing, Reinforcing, and Incorporating Additives to
Plastics, and two new courses on recycling technologies: Chemical Recycling of Plastic
Materials and Mechanical Recycling of Plastic Materials.
These courses are targeted at:
 Company technical staff members interested in increasing their knowledge of
extrusion processes (for the Extrusion course).
 Workers with recognized experience in the plastic injection moulding industry who
want to grow professionally, such as parts designers, head managers, injection
operators, workers with little or no experience in mould making and young
vocational training students of standardized metal mould making (for the Injection
Moulding course).

 Company technical staff members wishing to expand their knowledge in the field
of compounding, plastic reinforcing and additivation in co-rotating twin screw
extrusion (for the Compounding course).
The new Chemical Recycling course is targeted at technicians in the plastics industry, raw
materials, waste managers and recyclers, as well as technical students interested in
becoming familiar with and exploring the possibilities of chemical recycling. The
Mechanical Recycling course is targeted at purchasing, sales, quality and production
personnel and managers of recycling companies, and purchasing, quality and production
staff at companies that use recycled plastic materials.

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