June 2, 2023

Berlin’s Epta supermarket becomes an opera of urban art

Epta and its brand Costan furnish the new EDEKA Treugut in Berlin. The supermarket was opened in the famous Bülowstraße, a district dedicated to Street Art, where artists from all over the world have created their artwork. The neighborhood inspired the chain manager Sandra Treugut, in the designing of an urban-style store in which graffiti, painted by Berlin authors, decorate the departments. An innovative concept which is confirmed in every detail, from the aesthetics of the store, to the range of products, guaranteeing a unique shopping experience. Studies show that 80% of customers react positively to a more attractive environment, favoring higher values of average receipts and store loyalty.

To this effect, the success of the Brand is directly proportional to the personalization of the customer experience, i.e., the effects obtained from a set of interactions between consumer, company and product. Knowing how to grasp customer changes, involving them on a rational, emotional and sensory level, is the secret to winning their loyalty and improving their retention. Once attracted to the shop, different strategies are implemented to influence and encourage buyers, including space management, selected structures, with relative exhibition levels, and the number of items visible per shelf.

EDEKA Treugut has partnered with Epta and its Costan brand to furnish a sales space of about 1000m2, for a total of 60m of refrigerated cabinets. The department for pre-packaged fresh products has seen the installation of the vertical GranVista Next, which accompanies customers among the Milky Way, where the wide range of yogurts, puddings and fresh cheeses are displayed. The refrigerated solution guides the way to the Beef n’ Fish zone, where you can find cuts of meat and fish, and then proceeds along the organic aisle called The Green Wave. The unit, in the closed version with full-height frameless glass doors, ensures the best visibility of the gastronomic selections, among which there is ample space for the regionalities proposed by Berlin start-ups. The LED lighting, not only enhances the exhibition but also contributes to defining the metropolitan and industrial style of the supermarket, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. In addition, GranVista Next is positioned in class B on the energy scale, among the Costan’s best-in-class in terms of energy consumption. A further focus is on the Epta Dual Airflow system, which allows better management of aeraulics and reduces heat exchange between aisles, for superior buyer comfort.

In the frozen food department, contemporary grey and orange lamps illuminate the Tortuga Reverse Island with sliding glass doors. The cabinet, with an increased volume thanks to the upper loading line raised to 450mm, displays a vast amount of ready-to-eat meals and delicious ice creams. Among the advantages of this solution, there is the ability to manage seasonality thanks to Reverse technology for transcritical CO2 systems. The system allows to vary the temperature of use, from low to medium, ensuring complete food proposals inside the cabinet, with a consequent implementation of cross-merchandising. Its contemporary layout also makes it the ideal choice to create harmony with the design of the store.

“The store is the touchpoint par excellence: the setting and sensory stimuli can constitute an effective lever to enhance the main performance parameters. In this sense, according to recent research, within it, more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made. For this reason, it is crucial that each place is designed and built not only based on the architecture of the space, but also depending on the process of interaction that the Brand wants to establish with their customers.” declared Joachim Dallinger, Product & Marketing Manager at Epta Deutschland. “Thanks to ad hoc solutions, Epta is able to ensure a unique shopping experience to enhance and optimally maintain the assortment. All declined in a sustainable perspective, guiding principle of the Group, which for years has been committed to reducing its environmental impact and that of the Retailers, through future-proof stores”.

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