April 22, 2024

Café Barbera unveils KSA expansion at Gulfood, bringing a taste of Italy to Riyadh

Café Barbera, the iconic Italian coffee house with over 150 years of history, announced its exciting expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Gulfood 2024. This exciting entry into the Saudi Arabian market is made possible through a strategic partnership with Big Apple Sweets LLC, a prominent foodservice operator in the UAE. The first outlet under this partnership will open in Riyadh in just four weeks, representing an important milestone in bringing authentic Italian coffee culture to the region.

At its Gulfood stand, Café Barbera will tantalize visitors with its exquisite coffee and a delicious, delectable selection of Italian-inspired, tempting pastries. Each bite is a journey through Italy’s vibrant culinary landscape, offering visitors from all over the world a taste of la dolce vita. Since 1870, Café Barbera has captivated coffee lovers worldwide, and its presence at Gulfood signifies its commitment to sharing its rich heritage with a global audience.

The arrival of Café Barbera in Riyadh marks the beginning of a new chapter that promises to introduce one to the true essence of the Italian coffee tradition. The partnership will open ten new outlets in the region this year.

Stepping into Café Barbera promises to transport one to Italy – a promise that will soon be everyday life; one can enjoy coffee and connect with a community in an authentic Italian atmosphere.

Enrico Barbera, founder and CEO of Café Barbera, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, “Gulfood serves as the perfect platform to announce our venture into KSA. We are delighted to introduce Café Barbera’s rich heritage to Riyadh, offering a true Italian coffee experience that will resonate with the local community.”

Eisa Adam Ibrahim, CEO of Big Apple Sweets LLC, echoes the sentiment, adding, “We are honored to take our partnership further, to take Café Barbera in bringing their unique Italian coffee culture to the KSA. Their dedication to quality and tradition perfectly aligns with our values, and we are confident that our offerings will be embraced by the Saudi market.”

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