June 16, 2024

California Almonds grabbing some of the big game spotlight

As excitement for professional football’s championship game in Las Vegas grows, so does the collaboration between Coach Prime, aka Deion Sanders, and the Almond Board of California (ABC). The partnership that began at the beginning of the college football season will now venture over to the professional game by having a strong presence leading up to and after the big game.  

Coach Prime’s Mission 

Coach Prime, the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year in 2023, is set to take center stage at Radio Row – a media center event that occurs the week prior to the championship game with over 100 media outlets, football stars and celebrities. Coach Prime will be holding one-on-one interviews with top-tier media outlets providing a unique platform to showcase the benefits of almonds and the importance of exercise recovery. “The game in Las Vegas is quickly becoming one of the most hyped championship games ever, thanks to another mega-celebrity, Taylor Swift. So, it is the perfect event to build excitement for California Almonds,” said Laura Morin, ABC’s director of North America and China marketing. 

National Recover Day 

Coach Prime is not just promoting almonds for the sake of it; he’s advocating for a cause. The day after the super Sunday, Coach Prime will officially declare as National Recover Day. However, this is not a day to idle away; instead, it marks the beginning of the offseason. “Coach Prime will be proclaiming the day after the big game, National Recover Day – but this isn’t a day to kick up your feet,” Morin explained. “Coach Prime will demonstrate the importance of ‘Owning Your Offseason’ by being smart about exercise recovery and eating almonds.” 

Consumer Activation 

In addition to media engagements, Coach Prime will be actively engaging with the audience through a consumer activation event. This event will feature Coach Prime on his very own “Own Your Prime” themed stage on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. There, he will emphasize the importance of ‘Owning Your Offseason’ by incorporating almonds into one’s diet. Videos from this event will be shared on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, amplifying the message of almonds and exercise recovery nationwide. 

Additionally, California travelers will soon be reminded to Own their Prime as they commute throughout the state. Several billboard placements featuring Coach Prime, California Almonds and exercise recovery will be popping up alongside golden state thoroughfares. 

The championship game will take place on Sunday, February 11 at 3:30 p.m. at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Radio Row reports and features will happen the week before. Keep an eye out for California Almonds amongst the big game hype as the partnership leaves an enduring impression, showcasing California Almonds as a staple for well-being beyond the championship festivities. 

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