April 22, 2024

Create consumer appeal with foods that are easy to digest

Digestive health is a mainstream need, not just for people managing health problems such as inadequate digestion, nutrient absorption, defecation issues, damaged intestinal barriers and leaky gut problems. Choosing food and beverages that reduce symptoms and alleviate discomfort is incredibly important. Even for consumers lucky enough to not experience these issues, promoting gut health is top-of-mind.

  • 71% of consumers see digestive health as “very” or “extremely” linked to immune health1
  • 8 out of 10 consumers say fibre, prebiotics and probiotics are “very” or “extremely” relevant to their diet1
  • 2 out of 3 consumers see gut health as a key part of holistic well-being2

Furthermore, a growing body of scientific research suggests that a healthy gut microbiome is closely linked to overall well-being, with implications for weight management3, metabolic health4 and overall health4 — opening up new opportunities for food and beverage brands to deliver products offering the digestive health benefits consumers seek.

Partner with Ingredion to enhance food and beverages with digestive health benefits  

Want to find an effective way to increase your growth in the digestive health market? Our solutions for dietary fibre, prebiotics and early life digestive health bring digestive health benefits to yoghurts, baked goods, beverages, smoothies, bars, snacks, soups, ready meals and more.

Review our ingredients and some common digestive health questions below and then contact our experts for help in identifying a solution that’s right for your product. Together, we can find new ways to strengthen your brand in the health space and create value for consumers who want to optimize their digestive health and fibre intake.

Download the infographic that dives into consumer insights and digestive health trends impacting in-store purchases.

(Source: Ingredion; https://www.ingredion.com)

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