June 16, 2024

EPTA sparks the tase of promotions with the new COSTAN branded SPICES range

The world of retail is evolving hand in hand with consumer lifestyles and the socio-economic scene. In this sense, a study conducted by Deloitte regarding consumer needs in 2023 reveals how they prefer foods that can contribute to physical and mental well-being. A quest for gratification that is reflected in a growing demand for healthy foods, with a keen eye on their convenience. Promotions therefore become a must to stimulate purchases, thanks to advantageous temporary offers.

Epta – Independent global player and leader specialised in commercial refrigeration – is launching Spices, a new range of plug-in refrigerated cabinets under the Costan brand, designed to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility of references within areas dedicated to promotion or the presentation of products being launched. Consisting of three models, Vanilla, the closed vertical; Ginger, the open variant; and Pepper, the open semi-vertical, the family adds an extra touch of flavor to the store.

“Buyers have become accustomed to finding a merchandise selection on sale, which shapes their behavior, incentivizing grocery shopping.” Comments William Pagani, Chief Marketing Officer of Epta, “Retailers need to create the right balance within the assortment in terms of frequency, duration and intensity of promotions.” He continues, “With Spices, we support Customers in further enhancing this inherently strategic format, in the food sector, in favor of higher profitability, while respecting environmental sustainability.”

With Spices, Epta refreshes its offer, guided by its signature way of being and operating: the Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System. In this sense, the range is available exclusively with natural refrigerant R290, in line with the Group’s objectives of offering efficient solutions, marked by a lower carbon footprint, while also guaranteeing great attention to the food chain. Designed for supermarkets and hypermarkets and also ideal for small proximity stores and gas stations, the array stands for perfect preservation, attractive design and customization. The high refrigeration performance, 3M0 for Vanilla and 3M1 for Ginger and Pepper, make the line suitable for the presentation of different food categories, from dairy products to pre-packaged meat and fish, thus optimally preserving even the most delicate foods. A plus also ensured by the panoramic triple-glass ends and for closed plug-in, double-glass doors. These transparencies, combined with minimal lines and LED lighting on the cover and along the shelves on demand, give a metropolitan style to the store, while also enhancing promotional graphics. An additional benefit is the enhanced merchandising, thanks to a Total Display Area (TDA) increased by 20% over previous models. A design that allows an expansion of the number of references on display, thanks to the 5 shelves, of the same width.

Vanilla, Ginger and Pepper can be customized in their interior and exterior elements, offering the possibility for Retailers to select their desired color, for example, or decorate the furniture with advertising messages according to their sales needs. The furniture can also be integrated with EptaService’s LineON digital platform, offering non-stop connectivity. A technology that allows remote and 24/7 monitoring of the cabinet’s operating parameters, including temperature, humidity and energy consumption, as well as its geolocation. An added value also in terms of marketing: the tool gives access to comprehensive reporting on the solutions and sales trends of individual plug-ins, for precise feedback on their performance.

“The survey conducted in November 2022 by Deloitte involved more than 150 Consumer Products Companies internationally, noting growth in promotions. By selectively and temporarily reducing the price of a basket of products, the Brand is able to attract new consumers and retain regular ones, while boosting sales.” adds William Pagani, who concludes “Spices, premiered at EuroShop 2023, focuses attention on enhancing the promotional leverage while ensuring compliance with one of the Group’s pillars, sustainability.”

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