October 3, 2022

exceet Card Group wins Sustainability Award

Winning the Payment Pioneer Award in the “Sustainability” category, the Austrian card manufacturer convinces with the sustainability of its products. The Payment Pioneer Award honors pioneering achievements in the payment industry.

The P19 “Payment Pioneer Award” was presented for the first time as part of the P19 New Year’s event on January 25 in Vienna’s Sofiensäle. The award aims to highlight pioneering achievements in the Austrian payment transaction industry. First place in the “Sustainability” category went to the exceet Card Group , which was recognized for its innovative payment cards made from sustainable raw materials. The P19 payment platform awards projects that stand out for their particularly innovative business model or their disruptive application possibilities. “Sustainability is also an important issue in the payment area that requires a certain amount of attention. We are pleased that this award is now putting sustainability in the limelight and receiving the attention it has long needed,” comments Christian Leeb, CSO of the exceet Card Group.

exceet: alternative cards for sustainable payments

The advantage of cards from the exceet Card Group is that they can be produced from sustainable raw materials, in contrast to other conventional plastic bank and customer cards. They are made from either wood, recycled PET/PVC or metal. “Many companies and payment service providers are increasingly focusing on sustainability. The card is the link between a company and its customers and is therefore perfectly suited to making this value transformation tangible and tangible,” comments Leeb. The products of the exceet Card Group were able to convince with the sustainability of their procurement, but also with their value chain: They only contain regional and recycled raw materials, and the production takes place within a radius of less than 400 kilometers in Europe. For example, the card antennas are made of copper in-house instead of having them imported from China. In-house photovoltaic systems, the use of local green electricity and CO2-free mailing keep the CO2 footprint as small as possible.

Payment Pioneer Award: Focus on sustainability

The exceet Card Group was chosen as the winner by a top-class jury. It was made up of well-known personalities from the payment industry: Stefanie Ahammer (VISA), Curt Chadha (Raiffeisenbank International), Mirjana Covic (OenPAY), Dominik Hatzmann (Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich), Birgit Kraft-Kinz (P19) and Georg Schardt (Bluecode). They were all convinced of the innovative strength and the sustainability factor of the exceet products and of the entire company. Other assessment criteria were inclusion and collaboration. On behalf of the Exceet Card Group, Chief Sales Officer Christian Leeb accepted the award at the P19 New Year’s event.

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