February 22, 2024

Experience the Flavors of Asia: Shiro Launches an Enchanting Bento Box Series

Shiro, Bengaluru’s renowned Pan Asian restaurant, presents its Bento Box
Collection, a culinary experience that will transport your taste buds on an unforgettable gastronomic
adventure. From the heart of Bengaluru’s thriving food scene, Shiro has curated a selection of bento
boxes, expertly crafted to showcase the finest flavours from across the Pan-Asian region.
Each Shiro Bento Box is a symphony of taste, texture, and presentation, masterfully blending
traditional recipes with contemporary flair. Guests can savour the Veg Makimono Bento, featuring 4
pieces of each roll, including the Vegetarian Spicy California Roll, Spicy Tofu & Avocado Roll, and
Crispy Spicy Avocado Roll. Non-vegetarians can indulge in the Non-Veg Makimono Bento, offering 4
pieces of each roll, with options like California Roll, Dyna Maki Roll, and Spicy Tuna Roll. For a broader
selection, the Sushi, Sashimi & Makimono Bento awaits, complemented by assorted Sushi Nigiri &
Sashimi, and a choice of any 2 Makimono Rolls (4 pieces each), such as Spicy Salmon Negi, California
Roll, New York Roll, or Spicy Tuna Roll. Veg Donburi Bento and Seafood Donburi Bento choices are also
available, with a selection of rice or noodles and toppings. Not to be missed is the Chicken Donburi
Bento, featuring a variety of rice or noodles paired with chicken toppings.

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