January 30, 2023

Fresh and frozen logistics take the floor

As part of Fresh Food Logistics and Fruit Attraction, Fresh Food Logistic The Summit will take place on 6th and 7th October. The congress, organized by IFEMA MADRID and Alimarket, will give a cross-cutting, 360-degree view of the refrigerated goods market, and is an opportunity to see how the main players in the sector are tackling the challenges posed by cold logistics. It will also be an opportunity for networking, sharing experiences, and finding ways to collaborate.

Sales of fresh and frozen food have increased exponentially in recent months as a result of the health crisis. Perishable products inspired the highest level of trust among consumers, resulting in increases of more than 8% last year. They are expected to continue to outperform other sectors, despite de-escalation, the return of the hotel and catering market and tourism, and the settling and normalization of demand.

In this context, and to fulfill its commitment, the controlled temperature supply chain must meet higher demands in keeping with the new consumer trends that demand greater safety. Because of this, sector companies want to increase transparency in their logistics, improving their visibility and traceability, becoming faster and more efficient. In the interests of efficiency, movements are being made toward systematized planning, making the supply chain more agile and safe, because ultimately, what makes the cold chain special is the careful preservation of its products.

This is the second edition, which follows an initial, online event. It will be an excellent opportunity for trade professionals to meet again and share ideas and knowledge of the activity of the controlled-temperature food chain, a sector that is essential to the economy and society.

Prestigious speakers

First-rate speakers from leading companies will take part in the conference to share their knowledge about new projects to deal with increasingly complex and demanding refrigeration logistics. They will explain how the sector is moving “Towards a more agile and secure supply chain”, which is the chosen subject of the event.

There will be two-morning sessions from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm, proposing solutions through two different yet complementary concepts: technologies and innovation, on the one hand, and new processes and ideas in design, on the other.

The first session on 6th October will address digitalization and innovation following the official opening by a representative of the Administration. It will feature Daniel Gamarra, director of logistics Aldelís – Aves Nobles y Derivados, Miquel Llevot, General Director of Argal Alimentación; Pedro Ramos, head of Cool Rail powered by Transfesa, and Mikel Sanz, Supply Chain Manager of Vegetales Línea Verde. They will reveal details of how they are optimizing and streamlining the perishables supply chain, by the application of blockchain, digital transformation, planning, innovative traceability, and logistics 4.0 in a context of tension.

The schedule will be a busy one on 7 October, when participants with have an opportunity to learn about ways to improve logistics processes with Alejandro Gutiérrez, Director of Operations at Mantequerías Arias, Carmelo Seguro, director of Logistics at Makro, Julio Nestar, Reefer Manager of MSC Spain; Jorge Vello, director of Management Control, Logistics and Purchasing at Pescapuerta, and Jesús Gómez, General Director of Agromediterránea (Foodiverse). Among other subjects, the conference will focus on sustainable logistics, omnichannel, e-commerce and delivery, new demands and services in maritime traffic, the renewal of end-to-end processes in frozen food and the centralization of fresh produce.

From 6 to 7 October at IFEMA MADRID

The Fresh Food Logistics The Summit Conference, which will again be led by presenter and communicator Javier Reyero, will be an excellent opportunity for professional meetings, making new contacts, sharing ideas and projects, and embarking on collaboration proposals. The event is organized by Alimarket with support from MSC and Transfesa Logistics, as sponsors.

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