February 26, 2024

German food industry welcomes EU Parliament report on packaging

Yesterday the European Parliament presented its final report on the proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste (PPWR) in a plenary session in Strasbourg.

Stefanie Sabet, Managing Director of the BVE and Head of the Office in Brussels says, “We see the Europea Parliament’s decision as one Moderation of regulatory pressure as important amendments are introduced. The maintenance of food safety for transport packaging has been received and the mutual connection between disposable and reusable packaging was carried. Nevertheless, many people use it frequently as packaging materials are rejected. It remains unclear, how quickly and at what price this packaging can be replaced in a food-safe manner.”

With the approval of the EU Parliament, the law can now be passed trialogue on the harmonization of packaging and packaging waste legislation in the Member States. The time period for a successful trialogue before the European elections is extremely short. It remains to be seen how quickly this will happen among Member States and EU institutions in this far-reaching legislation proposal actually agree on a compromise.

In the food industry, 5,991 companies generate a profit annual sales of 218.5 billion euros. With 637,000 employees this industry is the fourth largest in Germany. The industry is characterized by small and medium-sized businesses: 90% of the companies in the German food industry belong to medium-sized businesses. The export rate of 35% shows that customers all over the world appreciate the quality of German food.

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