December 4, 2023

IFF to Demonstrate End-to-End Product Design Capabilities at Food Tech® Summit & Expo

IFF (NYSE: IFF) will illustrate its product design capabilities, showcasing innovation expertise from ideation to commercialization, with insights-led food and beverage prototypes at the Food Tech® Summit & Expo in Mexico City from Sept. 27 to 28. With advanced insights and leveraging its industry-leading expertise in product development and creating unique taste experiences, the Company will demonstrate how its novel product design approach can stimulate future food and beverage creation.

“The Food Tech® Summit & Expo is one of the most important events for the food industry in this region, and we are working tirelessly to bring inspiration and relevant solutions to food and beverage manufacturers here,” said Martin Buompadre, president, IFF’s Nourish division in Latin America. “One example is how we’re offering solutions and technical expertise to support our partners’ reformulation and new product development efforts to address the advent of front-of-pack labeling requirements. People want great taste even in products with less sugar, fat and sodium, and we have the ingredients and expertise to deliver it.” 

At the IFF stand #604, visitors can learn how food and beverage concepts are designed to reflect critical trends and consumer behavior impacting the region, such as no-sugar soft drinks and snacks featuring plant-based ingredients. The booth will feature market-relevant products using some of IFF’s recently launched technologies. 

  • No-sugar-added carbonated beverage with an exceptional citrus taste profile made with IFF NEO™. IFF NEO™ is a collection of natural flavors comprising non-citrus-oil-derived natural flavor compounds. Built using proprietary materials and technologies, it allows product designers to use citrus flavors without the challenges of working with citrus oils, such as complex processing and transportation, supply stability and price volatility.
  • Burritos with an authentic texture and mouthwatering flavor, made with meat and SUPRO® TEX plant protein in a cost-optimized formulation. The SUPRO® TEX product line is a breakthrough innovation for plant-based applications addressing consumer desires for more meat-like texture.

IFF’s Regional Innovation Director, Midey Gonzalez Azofeifa will address one of the industry’s most urgent challenges in a Food Tech Talk on “The Journey of Healthy & Tasty Food with Less Sugar” on Sept. 28 at 11 a.m.

“Whether we’re creating novel eating experiences with our flavors and functional ingredients or optimizing formulas to maintain affordability, we want to be the premier partner helping manufacturers develop the next generation of food and beverages that are good for people and the planet,” said Glauco Ramos Pinto, IFF’s Nourish division regional marketing leader, Latin America.

IFF supports food and beverage product innovation in Latin America from its Creative Centers and pilot plants in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru.

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