September 23, 2023

KiE-Health ensures health through proper lifestyle and nutrition

Ines Cordelia Jung and Richard Georg Graf founded the start-up KiE-Health together to lead their clients to long-term health, beauty, and well-being – live and digitally. ©Tina Weiss

More and more people suffer from chronic diseases, obesity, skin diseases as well as anxiety and panic disorders. Healing successes through conventional applications of conventional medicine and alternative healing methods often fail to materialize. But there is another way: Ines Cordelia Jung relies on self-healing through chrono-nutritive nutrition and combines it with alternative healing methods and medicine.

“Chrononutrient nutrition relies on the right food at the right time to activate metabolic processes. Combined with the effect of emotions, it has a self-healing effect,” says Ines Cordelia Jung. For two decades now, she has been leading her clients safely and permanently to health, beauty, and well-being. Now she has founded KiE-Health together with Richard Georg Graf. This start-up has also been offering healing treatments digitally since August. Programs as well as seminars and online consultation hours are now accessible not only to local but also to national and international patients and clients.

As an emotion researcher and natural scientist, co-founder Richard Georg Graf has proven the neurobiological inseparability and the neuronal interaction of body, emotions, intuition, and cognition (KiE). This explains why some treatments are simple and effective and some are not. At KiE-Health, these neuroscientific findings are combined with many years of practical healing experience and implemented in simple, convincing programs.

With KiE-Health, a digital company has emerged that uses 12 analog and digital diagnostic methods to determine the causes of diseases and civilization diseases on a scientifically sound basis. “Health is more than medicine. Symptoms usually indicate malfunctioning of the organs. When these work properly again, the symptoms disappear,” says Ines Cordelia Jung. KiE-Health’s healing offerings include body detoxification, weight loss, healthy and beautiful skin, anxiety, and trauma treatment, and relationship counseling. The KiE-Health lifestyle ensures health, beauty, and well-being.

The individual, cause-based treatment plans always serve to activate the self-healing mechanisms and are supplemented with self-effective body-mind rituals and conscious decision-making processes. In this way, patients and clients are empowered to continue their healing anywhere, anytime, without tools or support, and to transform their habits.

The services are also offered to companies and managers as tailor-made programs as part of company health management.

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