February 23, 2024

Propak Philippines 2023: Italian packs heads to Manila with UCIMA

The Union of Italian Manufacturers of Automatic Packing and Packaging Machines – Ucima is kicking off its 2023 trade fair schedule with Propak Philippines in Manila, an important exhibition for the entire Asia-Pacific region. Seven Italian companies will be participating in the delegation organised by the Italian packaging machinery manufacturers’ association: ABL, Cepi SPA, Cevolani Italia SRL, EMS Group SPA, Goglio (Tianjin) Packaging Co. Ltd., IPI SRL and Zanichelli Meccanica SPA. This joint participation will enable the companies to bring their innovations to the attention of stakeholders in this rapidly-developing country.

The Philippines packaging market grew by 16% in 2021 and is currently worth over 160 million euros. Italian machinery exports to the Philippines grew by a record figure of 79.4% in 2021. Italy is the country’s second largest international trading partner after China with a highly significant 26% market share. The Philippines has a booming agri-food industry and is also seeing significant growth in the beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care sectors.

The exhibition will be held from Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 February in the World Trade Centre Metro Manila.

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