September 24, 2023

Ranking of self-directed caterers 2023: DB Catering at the top

The top 10 in the ProVeg ranking of independent caterers (Image: ProVeg)

al campaigns for plant-based nutrition every year. In third place, HDI AG shines across all categories. The company prefers to produce the purely vegetable components itself. When it comes to pricing, HDI even overtakes the top two: There is no surcharge for milk alternatives, and the plant-based dishes are often the cheaper choice.

Communication, price, training – a three-course success menu

Katleen Haefele, Head of Food Services & Events at ProVeg , presented the ranking results on Wednesday at the International Management Forum in Hanau and sums it up: “In order to become a pioneer in climate protection and workplace health promotion, the industry has to do it all along the line convince: This includes attractive and balanced plant-based offers from the main course to snacks, as well as comprehensive marketing, employee training, attractive prices and the permanent integration of plant-based catering in the company’s sustainability strategy.

Most of the ranking participants have recognized that plant-based offerings are desired across all professional groups: 15 out of 24 companies have increased the proportion of purely plant-based menu options in the last 12 months. Half of them offer a plant-based main course and a vegan dessert every day, and 14 out of 24 companies even offer a plant-based snack.

There is still room for improvement in some areas: Only three companies emphasize the ecological added value of the plant-based dishes on the menu, only seven put the focus on enjoyment. The price is not only an effective incentive to try it, but also a statement from the company in terms of sustainability – only four companies have so far deliberately offered the plant-based dishes at a lower price. Only half of the companies surveyed stated that they had carried out at least one training course for culinary teams on the subject of vegan cuisine. Regular training courses can motivate employees and ensure that acceptance of the new food culture increases and is maintained.

The purely vegetable dishes should be visually convincing, taste good and fill you up for a long time. It is not enough to simply omit the animal ingredients or replace them with vegetables. The guest-satisfaction combination is high-protein ingredients paired with fiber and healthy fats, like a chilli sin carne or an Indian chickpea curry. Then the choice falls automatically on the climate-friendly and healthy option.

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