April 1, 2023

TeeGschwendner “Green Awakening Challenge”

Green tea for increased wellbeing for body and mind

In the “Green Awakening Challenge”, the tea retailer TeeGschwendner focused on awareness of a healthy lifestyle with valuable nutritional tips for everything to do with green tea. The 100 exclusive participants were allowed to try different green teas and acquire interesting knowledge on the subject of natural health. The challenge was based on a four-week program, created by qualified nutritionist Kirstin Meyer in cooperation with TeeGschwendner, on the four core topics of drinking, important nutrients, meat in moderation and mindfulness. In conclusion, the participants agreed: the professional tips can be easily integrated into everyday life with little effort and the delicious green tea recipes from TeeGschwendner not only promote physical well-being, but thanks to conscious moments of pleasure in between, also mental well-being.

Focus on healthy nutrition with natural products – that was the motto of the “Green Awakening Challenge”, which took place from mid-August to mid-September. In informative videos, the participants learned not only how much and which drinks are good for them, but also which natural foods provide necessary substances for the body and what a moment of conscious rest can do for our well-being. They then had the opportunity to become interactive and share their experiences, suggestions and recipes with the community in the form of creative test reports. This was actively used – a confirmation of the success of the TeeGschwendner campaign.

The majority of the explanatory videos by the qualified nutritionist Kirstin Meyer were enthusiastically watched. Most of them took the tips on the subjects of “drinking” and “meat in moderation” to heart. Mindfulness when eating and drinking as well as more self-reflection regarding meat consumption is especially what the participants will transfer to their daily life. The diverse recipes with legumes and green tea also met with positive feedback several times and provided incentives to apply the various findings from the “Green Awakening Challenge” in everyday life.

For many, taking part in the challenge means a sustainable change in lifestyle-related to green tea. The opportunity to try different varieties has been very popular. Most of the participants were able to find the right green tea individually and get to know the different tastes. To the surprise of many, this one is particularly characterized by its diversity. In addition to the “South Korea Seogwang”, the “Rainforest Rescue Tee” was particularly well received. The light, floral green tea in the typical oolong ball shape not only impressed in terms of taste but also makes a sustainable contribution. Behind the “Rainforest Rescue Tee” is a rainforest protection project by TeeGschwendner and NABU. With the purchase of this tea, the preservation of the Indonesian rainforests is supported.

“We are very pleased that the challenge was so well received by the participants,” says Jonathan Gschwendner, Managing Director of TeeGschwendner. “We attach great importance to quality and sustainability and would like to pass this on to our customers. This was possible in the form of the ‘Green Awakening Challenge’ and we are happy to be able to give the participants helpful tips on the way to a naturally healthier everyday life. “

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